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So Jupiter on the Destiny Point, with Uranus in your sign is such a profoundly life-affirming, wide awake attitude turning you on. The more you’re into personal growth, expansive perspective, adventure and radical change -the more you’re loving life right now!

I mean Pluto in your expansive 9th house, for the last several years has been permission to get out of your comfort zone -where real transformation can happen. I mean whether you have chosen liberating options of your own accord, or circumstances you can’t control have pushed you into the great unknown, kicking & screaming? Do admit Pluto has unleashed your innate courage: to embrace an exciting, positively challenging new chapter of your life.

And Pluto briefly into your brilliant career sector, from last April till June; was a sneak preview of empowering, possibly lucrative ways to transform your vocational potential. Any clues that were revealed, about thriving professionally are ready to be worked at from next Feb-to unleash your ambitious, hunger for success for the next 20 years! So that’s something to look forward to…

Meanwhile Pluto back into your 9th house recently, to get back to shedding any remaining attachments to the status quo-to keep phoenixing into your wild new lust for life, for the rest of the year. It’s gonna be a cracker!

And the Full Moon of July 3rd, in your 9th house is inspirational, opposite Sun/Mercury in your clever 3rd house. A chance to finesse your thinking, with intellectually stimulating conversations that turn you on. The buzz of sharing your genius ideals with the people who get it. Especially trine Jupiter in your sign, for the confidence to shine your truth about it.

So even if Saturn in your social networking sector is a bit of a buzzkill, if dealing with suffocating expectations from certain people? You take the opportunity to set healthy boundaries:

Maybe the control freakery is real. And you are so on fire being a free spirit -you politely tell any power-trippers to fuq right off, as you keep swanning around being fabulously authentic.

Or maybe some genuinely intelligent dialogue, with someone intelligent asking genuine questions about whatever you’re on about? Could be a great chance to check in with your own ideas, take the time to express them more clearly; and maybe the verbal repartee, to learn something from one another? I mean sometimes we connect best with like minded folk, and sometimes we unexpectedly bond with the people who challenge us, right?

Especially by the New Moon of July 18th, in your clever 3rd house, opposite Pluto in your 9th. Just as Mars fires up your 5th house of talented self expression. You speak freely, with the courage of your convictions behind you. And shameless self promotion, if you have some fab creative gig to hustle in the world.

Meanwhile Venus/Lilith/Mars conjunct, in your home sector early July.

A similar theme, of getting along with your loved ones, tribe and family with sweet compatibility. Perfect to cultivate domestic harmony, especially with Venus lingering here until October.

And yes including shacked up love-lovely to bond with your partner, or if dating to seduce a potential lover at home?

Also with Lilith involved, there may be tetchy issues coming up-that require any family/relationship dynamics to be authentic as hell! Honest conversations, to foster mutual respect are gold.


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