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So Venus exactly conjunct Pluto Jan 1st , in your expansionist 9th house kind of sets the tone for the month. Your desires are all about the kind of big, creative, visionary dreams that open up your world; and understanding how much personal growth & transformation will be required, to make them happen. Some interesting, challenging & empowering New years Resolutions for 2023 huh?

Especially Pluto into your 10th house of vocational success from March till June this year. A sneak preview of deeply transformative, radically empowering, possibly massively lucrative new professional paradigms; that you will be ready to fully embrace when Pluto gets serious in your 10th house, from Feb 2024 till 2045!

Wow, the slowest moving, game changing planet of all has the next 20 years to help you evolve towards your ultimate, optimal professional potential in the world; presumably whatever karmic imperatives you came here to achieve, this lifetime? Wow, what a wonderfully rewarding journey you are beginning…

Because of course Uranus conjunct the Destiny Point in your sign right now is another astro energy, pumping away in the background. Revealing radical, truly innovative facets to your genius manifesting magic. Your old reputation as appetite-driven materialist/complacent couch potato is gone-make way for Taurus as one of our most brilliant, inspirational influencers in these times of change. You are on fire!

So it’s worth paying attention to how you feel for the New Moon of Jan 22nd. Bang on the powerful first degree of your 10th house of vocational success, conjunct Pluto hovering at the last degrees of your expansionist 9th house. And in a perfect grand trine, with Mars newly direct in your financial security sector and healthy Ceres in your work sector:

Any instincts coming up here are so bang on -about a truly inspiring life plan, with a financially rewarding work ethic, that also allows you to embrace a lush lifestyle of genuine wellbeing. Oh my goodness how delicious, this is your natural groove, of course. So do remain conscious of any choices you are making for this Moon; could be kind of setting a precedent for the glorious future you are creating, know what I mean?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Jan 7th is in your ideas/communication sector, opposite Sun/Mercury being visionary in your 9th house. It’s kind of as simple as thinking positive, empowering thoughts. The better to be impeccable with your word, and only speak with precise intentions; that you genuinely want to walk your talk on, to manifest accurately, right?

Then Venus in your biz sector trine Mars still retro in your income sector, Jan 10th. Clever, charming professional dialogues work a treat; to persuade the right people to support your grand plans. Much better than power trippy conflicts, that frankly are likely to backfire, at this point.

Meanwhile personal life and love?

I’m looking at the South Node of existing/ongoing/past entanglements in your love/partner sector. To the extent you’re on a mission to shine right now, the lovers most likely to support your growth have been there for the long haul. Maybe a long term partner (or platonic relationship) has your back, and you love them for it? Or someone from the past turns up with perfect synchronicity-to weirdly align with a new chapter in your life? Or even if someone new is turning you on, a spooky recognition of innate chemistry is almost…past life soulmatey?

Image: Patrick Demarchelier ,French Vogue


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