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It’s all about Mars into your sign from Jan 7th, OMG thank fuq, finally you get to strut around with spunky confidence to do whatever you want in the world…

I mean Mars lurking around in your soul sector for ages in 2020 was great to hide out & scheme your next move, whilst cultivating your famous patience and all. But honestly you’re ready to get out there & get on with it, and with Mars sparking up Uranus in your sign this month –baby it’s ON!!

Because Uranus favours sudden change & liberating inspo that strike out of the blue, so accelerated personal growth and thrills & spills of swiftly evolving circumstance are your new normal for the next several years. And Mars is triggering the full potential of this in Jan, for truly awesome, game changing New Years Resolutions.

And Saturn/Jupiter in your career sector harness your exuberant, positive ambition with the professional discipline to make it happen-especially in perfect sync with Mars this month you are nothing if not motivated & effective on the job. I mean you do love the satisfaction of successful, creative manifestation in the world and you’re so onto it right now.

Also the New Moon of the 13th in your adventure sector is perfect to ignite your most expansive, visionary goals & lust for life. Especially with Pluto involved you are going for the full, transformative trip of chasing dreams outside your comfort zone as opposed to just cruising along in autopilot right?

Meanwhile Mars in your sign brings the full, sexy charisma of Mars to your love life/seductive prowess (which is deliciously attractive at the best of times). So to the extent you’re all libidinous & on the prowl for satisfying romance, more likely to attract it through the sheer force of spunky charisma –nice one.

Especially Mars trine your ruler Venus around the 10th is classic, easy romantic chemistry; but with change god Uranus involved & Venus in your adventure sector, you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone to enjoy it! If single maybe forget your usual haunts & hang somewhere different for fresh attraction prospects. And same goes if partnered, maybe get off the couch/cosy netflix cuddles and explore exciting new experiences together, for optimum passion?

I mean the Full Moon of the 29th in your domestic sector is pulling you toward expansive Jupiter in your career sector-so home is ideally a base from which to chase brilliant professional goals in the word, more so than somewhere to hide out –know what I mean?

New Year Resolution: My reputation for stubborn habits & predictable behaviour is now officially redundant. I have become the most trailblazing, innovative, exciting firebrand of all-watch out world; I have come to wake us all up to wild new possibilities!

Image: Patricija Dacic photography

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