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So your ruler Venus in your adventure sector, from Nov till March, may have you so restless & focused on personal freedom above all else. Which is fabulous to chase your wildest dreams, sans restrictive expectations from certain people. And also pretty cool to keep your sovereign, free-thinking wits about you, in these weird times of group-think huh?

And Mars joining Venus, from late Jan till March brings such energised vitality & lust for life to whatever expansive, personal growth type mission is turning you on right now. You are quite the spunky success machine, living on your own terms and all…

Especially the New Moon of Feb 1st, in your biz sector trine radical Uranus in Taurus; to begin the month with spectacular professional clarity. I mean Uranus also trine Venus inspires your most unique, innovative talent in the world, how game changing your life plan really is right now -and whatever savvy career plans are ready to make it happen.

But also, to the extent Venus could have been a kind of solo-traveller vibe lately, wanting to be so unencumbered & all? I’ve got to tell you that Mars conjunct Venus, from early Feb till mid March is major mating season action-it’s time to embrace your gorgeous love life!

So if partnered/in love it’s a balance:

On the one hand it’s fully healthy to give each other lots of space, and oxygen to evolve & grow in the world on individual terms. The mutual respect & trust is lovely, to come back to one another in between adventures, and appreciate the love & mutual, unconditional support more then ever.

On the other hand, could be so much fun to get off the cuddly couch, out of your comfort zone and go enjoy some thrilling adventures/expansive growth opportunities TOGETHER! How cool, to re-ignite your passion in unexpected places/new experiences as a couple, right?

Or if single/on the prowl? I’m just saying looking for love in all the same places/same old dating scene etc -may be getting a tad boring, hmmm?

You are so much more likely to meet some wildly promising new contender, with genuinely unexpected synchronicity; when doing something different in a different environment than you usually hang out.

Could be literally travelling to somewhere exotic, as much as is possible in these weird times and viola, a destinal, sexy meeting with someone who has been waiting for you to turn up?

Or with clever Mercury on transformative Pluto, even getting out there sharing mind-expanding ideas with new people, outside your intellectual comfort zone could do it. One minute you are excited by an education bender/learning new things with intelligent crew, or just raving about philosophy with some stranger in a bar… then bam, you lock eyes mid conversation, the sparks fly and it’s on!

Meanwhile, the Full Moon of the 17th in your domestic sector-it’s nice to know you have a nurturing home life, as much as possible, to support all the expansive growth going in this month, huh?

Image: Natasha Poly by Patrick Demarchelier, for Vogue Paris.


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