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The New Moon of the Dec 4th, in your sex/intimacy sector, is your annual fresh emotional connection with personal entanglements & a special lover. And it’s a Total Solar Eclipse for super intensity -how exciting, mating season with a bang!

So the feelings & limbic passions coming up are powerful. Especially with sexy Mars turning up from the 14th could be hot, magnetic chemistry to get physical with someone worth it this month; with the courage to be really emotional real, for a deeper connection that means something. You adore this of course, it’s your natural thing.

And just in case it all gets too heavy or Mars sexual tension becomes combative, if you have any thwarted/complicated attractions going on? Thank goodness for Mercury on the New Moon, for intelligent communication to finesse the subtleties of psycho-sexual dynamics, and find some kind of mutual understanding one way or the other. Or if single a clear perspective on your dating/mating attitude-should some potential contender turn up you know how to come at them…or not?

Because then the Full Moon of the 19th is in your security sector, where you get clear about personal boundaries to stay clear about your own agenda. In relationships you hold your own, especially with existing connections to make sure it’s about mutual respect, not so much trying to manipulate what you want from one another or demanding expectations. Know what I mean?

Also this Moon is fantastic for figuring out your money situation/earning potential, and Mars confidence to handle any personal/biz financial negotiations you’re dealing with. And with the Destiny Point involved could be lucrative long term, if you get the strategy right?

Meanwhile we have to talk about your ruler Venus, in your adventure/vision sector from November till March. Beyond tricky interpersonal stuff you are inspired by big, creative, confident terms about how to score the freedom to be your true self in the world. Especially with radical Uranus in your sign; independent, free thinking, freewheeling lust for life is such a turn on for you right now!

But of course this kind of expansive, liberated way of doing things is tricky, in these weird times of restricted movement & restrictive thought etc. Which brings us to the hottest astro of December: Venus & Pluto dancing around in exact conjunction all month. This is revealing all of our deepest desires & the demons we have to slay, in order to find healthy satisfaction. And for you Venus/Pluto reveal just how much you yearn to be a free, unencumbered spirit, able to chase your wildest dreams just because it feels good to be alive! And if you have to overcome any limiting beliefs about your own potential, or politely tell any control freaks trying to cramp your style to get out of your face as you go? Yay, what a great way to own your internal locus of power and evolve at warp speed to better things x

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