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So Venus lingering in your 4th house, of home and family for an extended visit this year, has you cultivating sweet domestic harmony. Creating a beautiful, comfortable abode and lovely familial/co-hab relationships feels so good.

Ok, also Venus retrograde, conjunct Bitch Lilith this month.

Maybe reviewing your living situation. Even contemplating property deals, reno or maybe a relocation? No rush to force any big changes, till Venus direct in Sept -take the time to consider your options. Meanwhile, shmicking up your pad with a deep clean/declutter/ décor/feng shui overhaul feels so good, to think straight at home!

Maybe becoming aware of any unresolved issues or tensions, with your family, co-habs and loved ones. Of course ideally, this helps to be infinitely patient with one another, as you work out new ways to relate for more honest family dynamics & domestic harmony.

And even if a bitchy attitude coming at you, from certain people close to home? Yes you work healthy boundaries of course, as is your wont -stubborn Taurus does not take crap! But if tempted to be triggered, and bitch it up for the sake of feeding drama? Not so useful, obviously, to dwell on narky old misunderstandings.

And the more your home is a healthy, harmonious base, you feel supported to focus on your worldly ambitions. With Venus/Lilith in your 4th house joined by the Sun, opposite the Full Moon of Aug 2nd in your brilliant career sector:

Square expansive Jupiter in Taurus, trine healthy Ceres in your practical work/health sector and Mars powering your talent sector.

Your most positive personal confidence, to work your creative genius and on point professional instincts, to best advantage. You’re feeling pretty good about being good at what you do, to the extent you score the freedom to expand your horizons; to cultivate whatever lifestyle you most enjoy. I mean delicious quality of life is so your thing -including a happy home, and prepared to cultivate a healthy work ethic to make it happen. Thus do you thrive right now!

I mean Jupiter in Taurus is such an expansive influence this year, to help put a positive spin on radical change agent Uranus, spending several years in your sign. Your old reputation, as a stubborn creature of habit is being totally blown out of the water with this astro. You are our new muse, of genius innovation, embracing life-affirming new experiences and the personal growth of creating exciting new paradigms -that we can all get involved with. I mean no pressure, lol, but we are looking to you for inspo, about how to create a more positive future…

So Mercury joining Mars, in your 5th house this month is pretty fab. Your creative talent is on fire, with the confidence to express yourself clearly; and as much shameless self-promotion as necessary, to get it out there.

Also permission to have fun, playing with whatever pleasures turn you on. I mean with healthy Ceres in your lifestyle sector, not talking about skanky, toxic habits here. You are too busy having a good time with dynamic, life affirming experiences; that satiate your desire to remain mentally stimulated, as you keep learning new things..

Never mind Saturn in your social sector -if any control freaky, bourgeois judgement coming at you from the masses trigger your naff self-doubt? No no, way too busy being true to yourself!

And love? Mercury/Mars in your 5th house for the New Moon of Aug 16th, in your 4th house conjunct Venus/Lilith. Passionate connection with your lover is about sharing exciting ideas, as much as physical attraction. And the kind of seductions that involve talking late into the night with your date, as much as cosy pillow talk with your partner/lover are best enjoyed on home turf.

Image: Dianna Ross by Annie Leibovitz.


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