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August begins with a spectacular conjunction of Mars, Uranus & Destiny Point, everyone is feeling it-and you are most likely to be turned on by this, as it’s happening in your sign!

So Uranus, mid-way through several years in Taurus has been shaking up your reputation as a stubborn lover of the comfortable status quo. You are totally getting the hang of being a wild child; full of sparkly inspiration to innovate your reality, be part of the change you want to see in the world and have fun playing with personal transformation & that tangible, manifesting magic you are so famous for.

Especially on the North Node this month, which I call the Destiny Point because it reveals the most meaningful new experiences, to unlock your full potential & personal growth you came here to explore. The Destiny Point always points in the right direction! Your innate sense of purpose is bang on, and proper excited about recognising the opportunities coming your way, to chase those brilliant dreams of yours.

And Mars activating all this is exact August 2nd, so you begin the month fully energised to embrace whatever plans & personal desires are most exciting to you. You are quite the success machine right now. Especially this fab action in your sign square Saturn in your biz sector, for the discipline to focus on your vocational goals with a fierce Mars work ethic. For the sense of accomplishment you deserve.

And as much fun as you’re having getting ahead in the world, it’s not just about material ambition. With your ruler Venus on bitch Lilith in your communication sector, the spunky confidence to say what you mean is full of charismatic charm. Even if you are smashing certain, bourgeois expectations of how you should behave/being controversial; the people that matter are listening because you are so radiant with authenticity & the courage of your convictions. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Then the Full Moon of Aug 12th is in your biz sector, on disciplinarian Saturn retrograde. So even if some career plans are taking their sweet time to manifest, you are sufficiently committed to your goals to walk your talk, and stick with the plan for as long as it takes. I mean as the most famously patient, productive sign of all you don’t mind the slow burn -it makes successful outcomes even more sweet, when you had to work towards them for a while right?

And Venus/Ceres in your home sector. A truly supportive, loving connection with the tribe you care about matters. Could be bonding with family/heal any familial issues more easily than ever, just because it feels good to know how much you care about one another & have each others back no matter what. Could be the better to harmonise domestic dynamics, for a home you want to live in.

And could be romance thrives at home. Especially square the South Node of old connections in your partner sector; the chemistry with your shacked up lover/spouse is so exquisitely caring. Or even if single, an attraction that reveals genuine feelings… is with someone you already know/maybe an old flame?

Then the New Moon of the 27th in your 5th house of creativity & play. Good times are on, which such a pleasure loving sign as yourself adores, just for the simple buzz of feeling alive. And you come to terms with how talented you are; with Mercury in your work sector trine Mars in your earning sector, to brilliantly monetise any clever hustle you’re up to professionally.

Image: Donna Karan


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