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So August begins with Mars joining your ruler Venus in your 5th house of talent, self-expression and personal confidence; how fabulous to embrace a confident, energised, life affirming month ahead.

This is perfect astro to run around being brilliant, working the creative process to be good at what you do, showing off with shameless self-promotion and enjoying quality, good times with your crew. Including easy romance, to enjoy the simple pleasures with someone special. Yay August looks like fun…

I mean with Uranus in Taurus you are busting to find a more authentic way of being you in the world, and it could involve a surprisingly radical, rut-busting attitude. You are frankly bored of any stale habits you may have entertained in the past, fully excited about how liberated you feel when you try new things and completely impatient with anyone else’s outdated expectations of how to behave -you are unlikely to comply! And just saying when our obstinate Taurus becomes the most rebellious sign of all, you know there is positive change in the air right? And you are loving being a part of it.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 8th in your domestic sector is square Uranus & conjunct Mercury, for a fresh, emotionally intelligent perspective on home & family dynamics. There could be key, bonding conversations with your tribe, to negotiate how best to live together/get along with sufficient emotional space, to support one another’s personal growth as you go. And could be a moment to get the details right, with any real estate decisions/property deals going on this month?

Then the Full Moon of the 22nd is conjunct lucky Jupiter in your biz sector. It’s all about re-igniting to the most positive professional growth you were entertaining earlier this year. To the extent you may have felt a little thwarted in your efforts, with Jupiter retro since late June this is a chance to re-connect with the plan, with the wisdom that its ok to slow down & get it right for the moment-it’s fine that you can’t force things for the moment. Fab new momentum comes with Jupiter & Saturn direct in your biz sector from mid-October; to embrace your most brazen ambition with the necessary discipline to make it happen- so don’t give up now you success machine you, don’t forget patience is your natural thing and you are so close to getting it right!

Image: Donna Karan

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