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April begins with your ruler Venus conjunct Uranus in your sign. A cool reminder that Uranus, midway through several years electrifying Taurus; not only awakens your crazy, rebellious instincts to fuq with the status quo, but also fires up your powerfully creative, innate manifesting magic.

As I’ve been pointing out for a while; your reputation as a stubborn creature, stuck in your comfort zone has been thoroughly transformed in recent years-as you are emerging as one of the most powerful, innovative change agents in these crazy times. Real, workable solutions to create a new, liberated lifestyle for yourself, and inspire collective solutions is your new superpower!

Fast forward to the New Moon of April 20th as a case in point:

This Moon is officially in your 12th house/soul sector, conjunct expansive Jupiter. Where you dream up wild & wonderful, visionary notions to explore your spiritual & creative potential. Like a radiant, inner light revealing your connection to your own muse/divine guidance.

Generally this would be the kind of thing you keep to yourself, in the hidden 12th house of nebulous longings. But you know, Jupiter is a large, positive energy that wants to open up your world.

Especially square Pluto freshly rocking your career sector. For a direct connection between any seeds of hope sprouting within you right now to live a more meaningful life, and long term professional growth that could so empower spectacularly empowering, maybe lucrative biz outcomes over the next 20 years! Wow, as such an exquisitely patient, persevering creature you get that from little things…big things grow right?

Because this New Moon is called a Hybrid Solar Eclipse.

Meaning that 15 mins after the Eclipse is exact in the last degree of Aries (your 12th house), the Moon switches in Taurus. Followed by the Sun in Taurus 4 hours later-to begin your birthday season for 2023. Where the Moon then Sun conjunct the Destiny Point in your sign. Such a shiny, profound sense of purpose in the world, revealing itself to you.

Not to mention, just in time for Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus-talk about weird & wonderful ways to express yourself!

So I guess the message of this Eclipse is there is no distinction between your inner world/magical intentions you secretly whisper to yourself in private, and the spunky integrity with which you present yourself in the world. They come together to manifest the hell out of life -like the holistic, practical success machine you are.

Because meanwhile, the Full Moon of April 6th is in your practical 6th house, opposite the Sun conjunct the healer Chiron in your 12th house:

The more connected you are to spiritual/inner wellbeing, the more you can make intelligent work ethic and healthy lifestyle choices; to thrive in in a tangible, materially successful and physical vitality sense. You adore embodying your desires in real life, of course, and April could really help to live like you mean it!

And love? Venus/Uranus April 1st is spectacular charisma, to attract romantic action. So you cruise through the month being gorgeous-and especially the lovers/partner (or an ex?) who already have your number… find you totally irresistible.

Or if totally single and don’t have anyone from the past chasing you up?

First of all you are probably filling your own cup so beautifully, so too busy to be fussed about dating etc? And if you are on the prowl -the sheer, sexy flirty wiles of Mars in your communication sector has got to be a seductive superpower -to attract a like minded, potential lover to have some fun, sexy verbal repartee with?

Image: Patrick Dacic


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