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To be honest you are more likely to feel a little misunderstood by the people around you right now, but also more likely not to care. Because Uranus in your sign square Saturn in your biz sector reveal the discipline required to manifest your crazy schemes & dreams in the world on your OWN terms-as opposed to tedious mediocrity just to fit in, know what I mean?

So your superpower is to be a brilliant weirdo but also put a straight face on at work where necessary; to score the professional opportunities/respect etc to be a successful brilliant weirdo. I believe the term is high functioning flake, lol.

Meanwhile the force is strong in your soul sector early March – a part of you just wants the space to commune with your creative muse, spiritual inspo, internal healing process & dreaming up the next stage of your life-without having to explain your cosmic bliss or actual external progress, for the moment…

Especially by the New Moon of the 12th you are so switched on, lit up with emotional wellbeing & bliss that comes from within, and truly comfortable in your own skin. And with Venus involved, your mystical charisma is super fascinating & attractive to any lovers on your radar. So yes romantic thrills, but maybe you are more into subtle soulmate cues, to tease out the connection than so much forcing relationship status etc?

Then your ruler Venus into Taurus from the 15th brings a more confident swagger, to get out there and show off your good looks, talent & creative expression for the second half of the month. And I tell you what with Venus/Uranus by the 24th, you will be lit up with such a wild, dynamic lust for life to turn you on to your full potential. And yes this could include a big love passion you are ready to fully embrace!

Especially by the Full Moon of the 27th in your relationship sector, where your love interest reveals their feelings more openly one-way or the other. I mean bang on Uranus in your sign could trigger you emotionally –extravagant tantrums much! So luckily Venus/Mercury help to talk through tricky issues with romantic intelligence; as opposed to storming off in huff just when you could have figured stuff out -& maybe lovely new connection? Or at least lighten it up with flirty repartee, depending on your situation…

Also Mars into your comms sector from the 24th brings the clarity of fresh, assertive confidence to all your conversations, which is handy.

Image: Ellen Von Unwerth


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