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Virgo Full Moon upon us, exact 6.17pm Feb 27th, AEDT. And to the extent Full Moons are a rising up of any feelings that have been brewing all month; gosh it's been a pressure cooker what with Mars/Pluto for power trippy passion and Saturn square Uranus to drill down on the tension between our oppressive responsibilities & a burning desire to be wild & free...

So our delicate emotional sensibilities are a bit frazzled today; as we try to remain all Virgo virtuous under the weight of various expectations, when we really just want to do our own thing & howl at the Moon!

Hopefully we have found even one fulfilling, practical discipline to focus our energy on today. I mean this Moon does have Venus in Pisces involved, to find beautiful inspo in the simplest acts of self care, compassionate care for our loved ones, professional duties & whatever creative expression is good for our soul. The better to draw a line under that to-do list of things we have to manage for everyone's practical wellbeing, then take a moment to go wriggle our hips under this Moon just because fun is important...

Happy Virgo Moon folks, lets keep it as sweet as possible x

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