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September is here, and it's retrograde season-7 planets retro this month, to help us finesse our intentions into clear, right action as opposed to just blundering forward for the sake of progress. This doesn't necessarily slow us down, but where there are delays we take the opportunity to understand the situation more clearly, the better to get it right. I mean it is Virgo season, with a lovely, clear eye for detail & purity of purpose.

Also my excuse for posting the horoscopes posted 3 days late, ha ha; but they are up now, ready to peruse.

So the most important planet slowing down is Mars, in a rare, extended tour of Gemini from August 2022 till March 2023. Not actually retrograde in Sept-but we get that Mars will be hanging around, backwards & forwards for the next several months here; so we have plenty of time to figure out this transit:

Mars is the most direct, dynamic planet that loves to thrive with sheer force of wilful desires, and aggressive confidence to make stuff happen without too much complex analysis. Gemini is possibly the most complex sign -all about the mental stimulation of over-analysing everything from every possible angle. And with dualistic agendas going on at any given point in time, the buzz of multi-tasking rather than focusing our attention on one specific goal.

Hmmm, interesting combo huh? We may feel thwarted at times, as we can't just force the issue on certain obsessions, without giving all all the surrounding factors due consideration. Ideally we feel liberated to explore a kaleidoscopic range of interests at the same time, for the sheer delight of finding new aspects of life to be fascinated with. The intellectual stimulation, growth and fantastically stimulating conversations that come from considering new points of view is brilliant. I mean Mercury ruled Virgo & Gemini both love a chat, so if nothing else we figure out effective communication this month.

Which is handy for Venus in Virgo square Mars in Gemini Sept 16th. Hot blooded, passionate romantic chemistry for all the lovers out there-and the key to getting it on is actually talking about it! Flirty, alluring come ons, exciting intellectual rapport that suddenly gets sexy or deeply meaningful pillow talk to bond with a lover-verbalising our feelings is key.

Lots more detail for your sign, and other planetary influences with the Sept scopes here. Happy September folks, let's keep it sweet & classy x

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