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Libra New Moon, exact 7.54am Sept 26th, AEST. And it's lovely! New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and Libra is supremely emotionally intelligent when it comes to relational and romantic dynamics. As well as beautiful creative inspiration, for our artistic and business ventures.

Especially this Moon conjunct luvvy Libra ruler Venus & clever Mercury in Virgo:

Intelligent, charming, flirty communication for harmonious relationships. I mean apart from a bit of recreational nagging, which we want to watch as Libra can be bossy & Virgo can't resist helpfully pointing out how our loved ones can lift their game, lol. But ideally this is such a lovely vibe -for mutual attraction, sparky chemistry, stimulating conversation and all the fun of easy romance... If we have someone special to love/on the prowl to lure someone new towards us and just along well with our tribe, this Moon is a gorgeous chance to keep it sweet!

And our natural, creative talent shines in Libra. Just because we tend to be so stylish about expressing ourselves, with extra glamour & flair. And Virgo drills down on the details. A bit of perfectionism goes a long way, to finesse the creative process for a more polished, successful version of whatever professional/creative buzz turns us on right now.

And this Moon is opposite lucky Jupiter; so much more likely to bring positive, expansive intentions to whatever we are on about. We are restless, and demand the freedom to do things on our own terms as we also honour the valuable relationships in our lives. The perfect balance between healthy autonomy & loving connection.

I mean even if Jupiter retrograde is slowing down the momentum a little; we have the grace to be patient with ourselves & one another. And Libra is all about pleasure, so why not enjoy the process & you know, take the time to smell the roses?

Happy Libra New Moon folks x

Image: the wonderful Moonlight Tarot.

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