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Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, and Scorpio Moons, like the one exact 1.30pm April 27th AEST are notoriously the most volatile at the best of times...

Because of course Scorpy emotions run deep, intense, uncompromising and are accompanied by consuming appetites-whether it's sex, love, caring intimacy or satisfying conflict we crave we won't be denied! This is gorgeous for empowering honesty about our desires, to be courageously authentic about who we are & keep our relationships beautifully real. But also we can be such fuqing nightmare drama queens when we are thwarted or triggered under this Moon, so our challenge is grace under pressure right? Right??

And this Moon is particularly juicy as follows:

Uranus is great for a liberated new perspective and swiftly adapting to new relational dynamics, but tricky for hair trigger moods & crazy tantrums.

Venus is divine for true, passionate romantic love that runs deep, but problematic for obsessive crushes/control freaky attitude to alienate the people we inadvertently suffocate with our consuming need for validation. A bit of emotional oxygen goes a long way here, to let love blossom with natural chemistry-or not?

Trine Mars is the same -sexy attraction is beautiful if it flows-which ooh la la could be on. But if not we ideally move our attention swiftly to other, exciting endeavours that are happening -know what I mean?

Mercury is cool for gut instincts to know what's going down & act accordingly, including clear communication when we can & dignified silence where necessary to just get on with it. But not so much weird, bitchy manipulation/holding a grudge just because someone is unable to read our mind. Obviously.

Happy Full Moon folks, lets be brave about big feelings & hot relational dynamics -and the discipline to keep our shit together as we go huh?


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