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Libra Full Moon, exact 4.55am April 17th is here. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing, and in Libra we seek emotional equilibrium & easy, harmonious relating with our loved ones.

Which has been challenging in these crazy times, of course. I mean how are we all going with geo-political turbulence, crazy weather (in Australia at least), and realising there are weird agendas in the world, we have to deal with?

When all we want to do is stay healthy, wealthy & wise, look after our nearest & dearest & have a nice lifestyle right? The genius of this Libra Moon is to keep our shizz together, remain as balanced as possible, treat one another with as much mutual respect & equality as possible, hopefully have a delicious love-life and take our simple pleasures when we can. Lovely, let's aim for that!

I mean this Moon is trine Saturn, where the discipline to cultivate emotional wellbeing feels so good.

But also square Pluto; where we might have to do some transformative, emotional work to embrace the personal & collective evolution coming at us, ready or not. We are like the calm centre, in the eye of the storm -keeping it real and connected to what really matters, as the winds of change keep flowing...

Happy Full Moon folks -well done us for staying cool, calm, collected and loving one another x

Image: Aydunar Kosar


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