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So Uranus in your love sector wants crazy romantic thrills to turn you on, which is right up your alley of course. Especially Mars on the Destiny Point in your sex sector recently, a magnetic passion could be coming at you fast. But also you need to space to breathe, because you’re not into being pinned down by anyone’s tedious expectations at this point.

Same goes for relationships generally, you are willing to give the people you care about unconditional support to be who they are –and you expect the same respect to do your own thing in return…

But also Uranus squares Saturn in your home sector; with very real issues you have to deal with around family dynamics, getting along with the people you live with and commitment with your shacked up partner, if you have one. Domestic security is a thing right now. Even if you live alone, you are thinking about how to feel comfy and grounded in your personal space.

So yeah, it’s a trip this month to balance personal freedom, weird romantic entanglements and keeping it sweet & supportive with whoever feels like home.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 12th inspires you to keep it together in terms of healthy, wealthy & wise lifestyle. Venus, nurturing Ceres & the healer Chiron with Mercury bring intelligent self-care; to shine with physical, emotional wellbeing and glowing complexion that come with properly looking after yourself. Just because it’s nice to feel comfortable in your skin, actually like who you are & and cultivate the lush, Venusian quality of life you deserve.

Also feeling clean & clear brings a focused work ethic, to chase the professional goals that are likely to appear mid month. Because Venus reveals your best, innate talent that is more likely to be noticed in the workplace & motivating to get even better at what you do for professional success. Including a nice aspect to Mars firing up your finance sector –I mean if you’re going to finesse your skills might as well be confident in biz negotiations & claim good coin whilst you’re at it, right?

Especially by the Scorpio Full Moon of the 27th, for fresh emotional clarity, clear intentions & charisma in the world. And with Uranus, Venus & Mercury in your relationship sector a brilliant new perspective on the highly charged love action going on. It’s exciting, promising & batshit bonkers all at once – lucky your natural emotional intelligence & romantic wiles are so on point for this one!

Image: Emma Watson


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