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You are just over in the corner, quietly scheming & dreaming with Mars & Mercury lurking in your soul sector for October-especially Mercury retro for the first half of the month. For many signs this would be frustrating, but actually you don’t mind vibing mysterious & keeping your cards close to your chest; as you finesse & nurture your ambitious plans behind the scenes, in stealth mode for the moment.

Especially the New Moon of the 7th, exactly conjunct Mars in your soul sector- supremely energising clarity about the inner sense of purpose driving you right now. And opposite the healer Chiron in your health/work sector, the more you know what matters to you the more prepared to get your act together with holistic wellbeing & sustainable work ethic right?

Because you just know that like the dark horse you are, you will be fully prepared & charged up to launch your brilliance upon the unsuspecting world; with the Full Moon of the 21st in your work sector -then even more when Mars fires up your charisma from Oct 31st till Dec 13th. Definitely something to get ready for!

Meanwhile there is plenty of movement going on this month to keep you inspired; what with so many major planets finally moving forward, after months of tedious retrograde:

Pluto direct in your communication sector from the 6th, for this New Moon syncs Venus in Scorpio. So your natural allure is more powerful than ever, to fascinate the people who are trying to figure out where you’re at. The better to open up some complex conversation that has been tricky for a while, for potentially game-changing new clarity.

Then Saturn direct from the 11th and Jupiter direct from the 18th in your domestic sector, to pick up any issues around home/family dynamics you have been waiting to deal with?

First Saturn is pragmatic as fuq, to secure a home base/property scenario that grounds you in the world. Including commitment to your tribe, with healthy personal boundaries to keep it real. And Jupiter direct trines Mars throbbing away in your soul sector, where your ideal personal life/domestic sanctuary supports your freedom to live according to the inner dictates of your conscience. And feeling kind of rebellious about any bourgeois relationship/family expectations that cramp your style, to be honest.

Especially with radical Uranus in your relationship/partner sector, you are into liberating new versions of committed love-which is a beautiful thing if you are lucky enough to have someone cool who gets your groove. But not so much power trippy behaviour, you are more likely to kick back big time! I mean gah there is enough control freakery going on in the world right? It’s the last thing you want to be dealing with at home..

Image: Mark Arbeit.

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