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Your old-skool ruler Mars, fresh in your soul sector this month until marching into Scorpio mid October:

A chance to focus your attention for the next 6 weeks, on the inner locus of power you understand so well. Empowering shamanic magic and ruthless self awareness, to understand thyself as honestly as possible.

With caring Ceres involved, your personal growth is about nurturing healthy relationship with self; as much as channelling whatever divine guidance and creative inspiration align with your spiritual truth.

So even if you feel misunderstood during Sept, do admit you’re not chasing public appreciation, so couldn’t give a fuq what anyone thinks to be honest. Too busy, dark horse working your creative process behind the scenes.

Especially your ruler Pluto retro, interrogating your 3rd house of whatever ideas you’re on about; for the confidence to be so true to yourself, cultivating the courage of your convictions. As you prepare to unleash your brilliance on the world from mid October -something to look forward to!

Meanwhile the New Moon of Sept 15th, in your social sector with Mercury turning direct -opposite Neptune and Saturn in your talent/self expression sector:

A fresh perspective on finding your voice in the world. As you wrangle your personal beliefs, visionary talent and practical plans into some kind of clarity; your natural charisma finds an easier way to express yourself. Yes Pluto brings the ruthless, uncompromising honesty you are famous for -also Mercury finesses a bit of witty charm, to network on the scene and connect with close friends?

And Saturn helps to back whatever visionary Neptune dreams turn you on, with effective creative discipline. The determination to create the inspiring lifestyle you desire, works a treat.

I mean Venus/Lilith in your career sector help, to bring your best, uncompromising talent to shine on your own terms, with any vocational aspirations you have going on.

Especially the healer Chiron and Destiny Point, in your practical 6th house. The self care that comes with healthy daily habits, is the best way to nurture your biggest dreams, one intelligent decision at a time…know what I mean?

So by the Full Moon of Sept 6th, in your 6th house with the Destiny Point, opposing Sun and Mars in your soul sector: You are so aligned with right action, based on emotionally congruent ways to manifest your dreams in real life. It feels pretty good to be quite the spiritually switched on, holistic success machine by the end of the month!

Meanwhile love?

Mars on sabbatical in your soul sector, may have your famous sex appeal in mystery mode. You’re not so much chasing seductions on a physical level. I mean brooding on some soulmate attraction, sending subtle cues to play with slow-burn chemistry…is a speciality of yours that could be low-key hot right now.

Also Jupiter and Uranus in your love/partner sector. When it comes to your special someone, it’s all about wildly liberating conversations, to turn one another on with a meeting of minds and big dreams you can share. Not so much heavy commitment issues, as lots of emotional oxygen to grow together with exciting new experiences. Nice one!

Image: Hannah Lemholt


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