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I’ve got a feeling you’re quite distracted by your old-skool ruler Mars in your home turf, the 8th house for a rare, extended stay from Aug this year till March 2022. So let’s talk about that:

Mars is all about our desire nature, what we want and how to get it-which do admit can be quite the powerful imperative for you guys. And ok it can be quite annoying to be seen as the sex maniac/money obsessed sign in this sense-as your lust for life is a more complex thing.

The 8th house is about deep emotional intimacy & interpersonal connection. When you love you do so with enduring loyalty, and the people you care about know you will be there no matter what! This goes for family/biz/platonic connections just as much as romance.

And your sexual passion is so hot because you seek that ecstatic union of limbic, emotional connection. Yes you are randy as fuq, and quite the sexy lover-but really you are seeking something deeper. You want to love like you mean it, with a passion that burns-whatever the outcome. And the good news is this is hot mating season, just how you like it-and the chances are someone with as much sexy integrity as yourself, to share spectacular mutual chemistry. Especially Venus square Mars mid September, could be auspicious for promising sexual tension/attraction to reveal itself?

Or if not, to be honest you would rather be celibate than casual encounters or, even worse, mundane relationship/dating just for the sake of not being alone. You would rather power through personal transformation as a spunky, solo phoenix right?

And personal transformation is upon you, one way or the other. The 8th house is like a dark cave, with a pot of gold deep within. We need to travel into our primal underworld, where monsters like fear of vulnerability/failure/our own power or unhealthy appetites/obsessions lurk, to slay our own self-destructive tendencies; and come out with the the shiny grail of self-awareness, internal locus of power & capacity to manifest our healthy desires.

And Mars turning up for the next 6 months is the courage to dig deep & shine a light on your magnificent full potential. I mean the 8th house is your natural place to do business with yourself & people you adore- you are so going to thrive with this astro!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Sept 10th is in your play/self expression sector, to lighten up and have fun! Maybe easy, quality time with loved ones to enjoy. Regardless of any complex interpersonal dynamics going on, it’s nice to just chill out have a good time with each other for a moment?

Maybe the buzz of some creative process, to embrace your full talent at whatever you’re naturally good at. And with lucky Jupiter & the healer Chiron retrograde in your day job sector; you are excited to work your skills to professional advantage-but no rush. Take your time to finesse your vocational intentions, so by the time Jupiter moves forward from late November your plans will so on point.

Then the New Moon of Sept 26th is in your soul sector, opposite Jupiter is perfect. To align your inner, spiritual discipline to follow the dreams that really matter to you, with the integrity of making appropriate health, lifestyle & work choices every day. Walking your talk & being true to yourself feels so good!

Image: Naomi Campbell.


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