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So Mars now officially retrograde, till January in your home turf, the 8th house of sex, deep emotional intimacy & financial entanglements. Gah, frustrating much?

Well yes, you may have to rein in your ardour, libido & money lust for the moment, or maybe a certain someone is tantalisingly keen yet weirdly unavailable? Or some biz/money negotiation suddenly stalls/gets weird, just as you thought you were getting somewhere?

But no matter how maddening this feels, you must resist the temptation to force the issue just for the sake of ego/adrenal or unhealthy desires/making some point just for the sake of ‘winning’ an argument.

Do NOT trigger bitchy conflict, or even demanding, where-do-we-stand ‘us chats’, whatever you do!

The astro rule for Mars retro is whoever initiates conflict/strikes first will surely lose the game. And whoever holds back, sussing out the situation with equanimity will surely prevail, when they eventually respond with intelligent timing -know what I mean? As a keen student of the art of love & war, you intuitively understand this vibe, of course.

The Dark horse style required here is your best look, of course-with natural charisma to lure whatever you desire toward you, rather than chase outcomes.

Love: Emotional waters run deep, and richly fulfilling if you take the time to explore the undercurrents & subtle cues. Maybe keeping a love affair at arms length, temporarily, is the best way to work out where each other are at? Maybe diving deep into courageous, truly vulnerable moments, where true connection blossoms is a beautiful thing. Much better than control-freaky romantic games, right?

Money: Perfect time to be strategic about financial negotiations.

I mean to the extent there are tricky games/power trips going on-you sit back & let the weirdos reveal their agenda-before you sign on the proverbial dotted line? Or if tempted to play some dodgy, risky hustle- watch out, could blow up in your face at warp speed!

And if any potentially positive, lucrative negotiation is brewing…lovely, take your time to get it right. By the time Mars direct in Jan, you will have finessed the plan to precision -ready to power forward with real confidence. Worth waiting for, of course.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon of Nov 8th is a Total Lunar Eclipse. With Venus/Sun/Mercury in Scorpio opposite the Moon/Uranus/Destiny Point in your partner sector, it’s a cracker!

Uranus & Destiny Point reveal wild new developments, to do with swiftly evolving relationship dynamics/your lover being a wonderful or annoying weirdo/ or some crazy exciting new attraction to turn you on? I mean whether doors are opening or closing re certain connections-it’s chance to get such a clear, empowering perspective on the next stage of the Scorpio love life.

Because with Venus & Mercury in your sign, you are so desirable, suave & romantically intelligent for this Moon. The better to magnetise the right lover towards you, as you do so well, or indeed the equanimity to steer clear of messy distractions. Rather than dissipate your libido chasing hare-brained lust or spinning in the rinse cycle of emotional turbulence, know what I mean?

Then the New Moon of Oct 24th conjunct Venus/Mercury, in your 2nd house of grounded intentions to do with material security & staying true to your personal values. Trine the healer Chiron in your health/work ethic sector. Perfect to create the lifestyle that supports your wellbeing, quality of life & how to make good coin (as you do so well) to fund it.

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