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The big news this month is lucky Jupiter exact on your ruler Pluto, so you’re feeling the rush of primal, positive vitality rising up from within –and it’s all about what you’re going to do with all that raw power? And being in your 3rd house of clear thinking, you get that your brilliant powers of manifestation are so about holding the right kinds of thoughts with coherent, conscious intent. If you can fuel your mental process with inspiring ideas, you’ve also got the Saturn discipline to make whatever you most believe in actually happen in the world.

Especially with Mars direct in your work/lifestyle sector from mid month –the healthy daily habits that serve your clarity of purpose are so goddamn energising & effective right now…

So how perfect is the Scorpio New Moon of the 15th, happening with perfect synchronicity just as Mars stations direct AND in exact, easy alignment with the positive Jupiter/Pluto vibe firing up your powerful optimism. Oh my, the beautifully fresh clarity that always comes with your annual New Moon is even more fierce, fabulous & on point than usual!

Then Venus into Scorpio from the 22nd brings your spunky charisma up, the better to shine your creative talent, charm & natural sexy gorgeousness through whatever you are up to this month.

Including the Lunar Eclipse of the 30th in your 8th house of intimate entanglements, with Scorpio Venus in a magnetic attraction scenario with sparky Uranus in your love sector. This is classic hot & bothered, wildly unpredictable romantic chemistry, with deeper feelings rising up at warp speed if you’re ready to embrace more meaningful, passionate connection. Ooh la la it’s crazy kismet chemistry for a good time or even true love if you’re up for it-just how you like your mating season huh?

Image: original from Helmut Newton


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