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The month begins with a cracker New Moon, May 1st in your love/partner sector, so for the purpose of mating season let’s talk about that:

Is conjunct radical Uranus, so any love action coming up with fresh attitude from your lover or crazy new attractions rocking your world -are likely to be wildly game-changing & unexpected. This is all about emotional growth. Maybe relationships ending/beginning/renewing themselves. I mean the thrill of new romance, newly single liberty or spectacular mental connection with your partner, to really get one another’s state of mind -it’s all a buzz…

And the Destiny Point involved, has your number. Evolving relational dynamics are not just random ups & downs; there is something spooky guiding you toward the next meant-to-be chapter in your love journey. I mean do admit you adore a more deep & meaningful love affair, no matter how much volatile passion involved; more so than stable commitment just for the sake of it, know what I mean?

And a Partial Solar Eclipse, so all this transformative emotional intelligence about love, at which are a natural anyway is fully amplified here.

And ok, Mercury retrograde from May 12th, through your sex/intimacy sector then love sector is tricky. Stupid misunderstandings are more likely & tetchy with one another’s fukwittery lol, but you know what? This is primo opportunity to talk it through patiently, and maybe a genius new way to communicate moving forward?

Especially because Mars and Neptune/Jupiter/Venus conjunct in your play/romance sector supposed to be fun! Making time for good times/easy pleasure in the first half of the month is gold. I mean fuq bickering over the dishes/commitment etc, maybe go have a picnic/champagne lunch/make love in the afternoon or something -to keep the magic alive?

Then Venus & Jupiter in your work sector from the 12th, switches your attention to a sweet, dolce vita lifestyle for the coming year.

I mean on the one hand this can be excessive overindulgence in your favourite pleasures. And a fun just for the sake of it can be beautifully life-affirming, of course…up to a point.

I mean too much swanning around means not getting any work done, obviously; and actually Jupiter seeks meaningful professional goals to chase. For expansive personal growth, and the buzz of success brings an even more satisfying sense of accomplishment, and rewarding lifestyle to enjoy right?

So gearing your daily routine to positive health habits, to seize the day with vitality helps. And positive, confident self-expression on the day-job, to show off your brilliant talent is a thing -if you’re willing to back it up with an enthusiastic work ethic.

Then the spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon of May 16th is in Scorpio! Full permission to express yourself with raw, radical authenticity to feel fully alive. Syncing Uranus/Destiny Point, Pluto, Saturn, Mars/Neptune & Venus/Chiron to:

-deal with radical, game-changing passion in your love life.

-speak with integrity

-honour family commitments

-be gentle with healthy wellbeing and cultivate healthy biz relationships.

-have a fuqing good time, doing stuff that turns you on in between!

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.

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