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So the New Moon of May 12th has two main imperatives:

1. Mars in your expansive 9th house wants you to gallivant around unencumbered by responsibility, cos personal freedom is important & fuq the rules. But also square Chiron in your 6th says it’s so crucial to do the right thing re healthy personal habits, tidy organisational skills & paying attention to details at work if you want to be remotely functional this month. So proper discipline is your most empowering look, to be fierce about chasing the liberated lifestyle you are craving -know what I mean?

2. Love! This New Moon in your partnership sector is your annual mating season, with fresh perspective on who you want to be entangled with and how to make it work. And Neptune in your romance sector is such divine, magical moments to enjoy quality time with a soulmate type lover.

Especially Venus/Destiny Point in your intimacy sector by the 17th is powerful mojo to explore a sexy, deeply meaningful attraction-it’s just the kind of hot, passionate loving you adore! Great but also Neptune reminds you it’s a fine line between rapturous, inspired connection to turn you on OR losing yourself in bonkers romantic notions that may or may not be realistic -you are the sign most likely to get this right?

Then the Full Moon of the 26th syncs lucky Jupiter freshly in your playful talent, fun & creative sector for the coming year. So the more you stay true to your values & walk your talk in the world, the more you are about to have a helluva good time chasing your dreams, romantic thrills & dolce vita living because you damn well can x


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