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So let’s talk about your 4th house; the domestic sector where you deal with family dynamics, the people you live with and the kind of physical home that feels like your private sanctuary from the world:

Saturn in your 4th for the last few years has been all about pragmatic security; establishing a solid foundation in your life, that has the gravitas to help you feel grounded.

Ideally, mutually supportive relationships with your immediate tribe, to cultivate healthy relating skills, with extended family and on home turf. And smart real-estate/property choices; to establish the nurturing hacienda you most desire.

Or even if this has felt like a challenging, Saturn reality check? It’s been character building to deal with it. Frustrating issues with loved ones, for the discipline to work things out, or at least establish healthy boundaries? Or trying to make whatever residence you can realistically afford as functional as possible, if funds/circumstances have been limited?

Ok, so it’s been great to work on your core values, to do with where, with whom and how you want to live. And just as you feel kind of settled, into some semblance of normality? Ha not exactly. It’s just preparing you for Pluto replacing Saturn in your 4th house from March 23rd, ready or not. To shake things up for the next 20 years!

Pluto couldn’t give a flying fuq about ‘security’. As the most dramatic change agent, Pluto embraces personal transformation & growth above all else:

Maybe digging deep into family dynamics. If there are skeletons in the closet, even in the form of unspoken feelings or covert power trips etc, they will come to light. The better to be honestly addressed, of course. Or realising the profound loyalty, of certain family members who have your back no matter what. For the confidence that your tribe can handle any struggles you might be gong through, and support your growth in a positive way, as you offer them the same in order to evolve together.

And sexy Pluto is smoking hot, for romance at home. Especially Mars still in your intimacy sector and Venus conjunct Uranus in your love sector, late March. Sparky fireworks with your shacked-up lover, to renew the chemistry? Or if dating and lure someone into your home turf-could become passionate at warp speed!

And real estate decisions. You want a dwelling with fresh, clean energy to help you evolve. Whether a redecorating/feng shui/ reno overhaul of your space. Or you realise it’s time to consider a move-it could be a bigger change of scenery than you think.

Imagine your personal life as a tree, trying to establish itself. Pluto yanks that tree out of the ground, shakes the dirt out of the roots and reveals whatever is going on between the surface. To replenish the soil beneath your feet, so to speak…for fertile re-growth with time. Or transplant you somewhere else…if the time has come to be turned on by a new, freshly energising location?

Also Pluto in your 4th is bang on the New Moon of March 22nd, in your practical 6th house. So any work/lifestyle decisions you make have a keen eye on domestic & personal satisfaction, as a major priority.

Meanwhile Saturn into your 5th house of fun & creative talent, from March 7th for the next 3 years. Ok this may not be exactly playful, in terms of bunking off/avoiding responsibility. But it is deeply productive and satisfying, in terms of finessing what you are really good at. Because the disciplined creative process is a buzz in it’s own way -and you love being so fuqing brilliant, with permission to shine like a star!

And the Full Moon of March 7th in your social sector brings attention from all the right people; the more you show off in full integrity, right?

Image: Unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.


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