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You’ve gotta love Mars firing up your home turf, the sexy 8th house of intimacy, personal entanglements & money magic. Because Mars is not so much about passively going along for the ride with other people’s agendas, as fiercely bringing your passionate point of view to the mix –just how you like it.

I mean with Uranus in your love sector square Saturn in your home sector all month, your personal relationships do have a certain barometric pressure building up:

On one hand certain people/relationships are wildly unpredictable, which could be batshit crazy behaviour to do your head in or could be a sudden, cool twist of fate to bring some attraction to next level, exciting romantic growth. So love aint exactly stable, but could be so promising if you’re up for weird & wonderful new ways of relating?

And on the other hand certain domestic/family obligations feel kind of tedious, but necessary to buckle down & deal with. Of course it’s lovely to support our tribe & the tug of familial connection is real, but also it can be suffocating when the expectations get too heavy? So Mercury/Jupiter around the 5th could really help to open up some clear, positive discussions with your nearest & dearest for the emotional oxygen to move forward with mutual understanding, Nice one.

So by the time Mars hits the Destiny Point by the 26th, you are so much more on point about where key, emotionally meaningful relationships are heading future wise. This could actually be sizzling hot, destiny date-night time!

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 13th has Venus/Neptune for even more sweet romance to make loving fun. Just when you’re tempted to take it all too seriously, mid month could be a magical moment to play with your lover or flirty attraction -just because it feels so nice to keep your heart wide open.

Also this New Moon is exquisitely on point for your creative genius. You are so next level talented because you are in direct contact with your muse, trust your instincts & channel your highest purpose with everything you do. And ok some peeps may find you too weird to handle, but for those that get it your shining charisma is awesome! The better to choose who you share your precious energy with or not- because do admit you are an expert at bonding with your special tribe whilst not giving a fuq what the rest of the world thinks, right?

Then Venus in your work sector from the 22nd brings your integrity to the day job, for fab professional progress on your own terms –go you x

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