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So the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of June 10th is on Scorpio home turf, the 8th house of sex, intimacy & financial entanglements -for love and biz action this month as follows:

Love. This Eclipse is bang on Mercury retrograde to reveal fundamental misunderstandings/discord with your lover; so lucky you’re a natural at romantic subtleties to tease out the deeper feelings involved with emotional intelligence & working on communication issues.

Especially with wacky Uranus conjunct caring Ceres in your relationship sector. The perfect combination to deal with one another’s bonkers, irritating behaviour as well as the exciting chemistry that attracted you in the first place- because do admit you are an intense unit romantically and tend to attract equally extreme partners to turn you on. And this could be a lovely moment to appreciate one another’s weirdness, for next level mutual understanding & passion huh? Also square Saturn in your home sector is helpful if you are shacked up, to build a solid domestic scenario that works because commitment matters & you can handle any issues coming up. Same goes for family dynamics, to look after your tribe no matter what.

Biz. Mars in your career sector from the 12th is motivation &confident buzz to chase vocational dreams; especially with Jupiter in your talent sector you have some pretty lavish notions about your creative brilliance to manifest asap. So it’s worth noting that Chiron in your work sector requires a proper health & wellbeing regime, if you want to be a high functioning success machine right? And to create a sustainable work/life balance to enjoy what you do, and create a lifestyle you actually want to live.

And the Eclipse in your 8th house has the Destiny Point to reveal optimum ways to monetise your genius, with those formidable financial instincts of yours; but also Mercury retro says take the time to finesse the details/tricky financial negotiations, and of course no signing contracts or legal entanglements till after June 24th -or preferably from July 8th when Mercury is out of retro shadowzone.

Image: Marta Bevacqua

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