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Mars drilling away in your work sector lately has been great for professional progress; and square your ruler Pluto in your communication sector July 1st is a fab moment, to think about how to leverage all that hard work by finessing professional negotiations this month.

All the better to focus the brazen ambition of lucky Jupiter in your work sector. I mean especially Mercury in your adventure sector you are thinking big, beautifully expansive thoughts, and maybe some mentally stimulating travel or study inspo? And Jupiter says yes, why not take a confident, positive risk on whatever life plans turn you on right now… Might as well walk your talk and live like you mean it -I mean if not now, when??

Then you want to get on with the sexy firepower of Mars in your love sector from July 5th. It’s kind of Scorpio mating season, that happens every 2 years, where you are statistically more likely to enjoy passionate romance:

If partnered/hooked up, your lover is more likely to be lavishing you with attention, to let you know how much they’re into you. Perfect to re-boot marital chemistry; even if a bit of bickering going on (Mars can be aggro), you ideally get over it and remember what turned you on about each other in the first place, right?

Or if single/dating, so much more likely to attract a hot blooded, spunky contender chasing you big time (especially if you’re into men)-which you adore of course, being such a hot tamale yourself!

And Venus in your sex/intimacy sector is perfect. Beyond the raw physical attraction going on; Venus keeps it sweet with lovely romantic intimacy. You get to share your true feelings, whisper into one another’s ear and enjoy that deep, meaningful emotional connection you do so well.

Then the Full Moon of the 14th is in your ideas/communication sector on Pluto, so you are acutely aware of the power of the mind; the beliefs you give mental energy to and the words you speak literally create your reality. I mean this is basic manifesting stuff and I know you get it, but with your ruler Pluto involved, activating clever Mercury in your higher intelligence sector it’s more obvious than ever. Conscious, clear intentions and being impeccable with your word is absolutely game changing mid-month!

Including this Moon trine Uranus/Destiny Point in your love sector; the clarity of communication with your loved ones can change the relationship dynamic at warp speed, one way or the other. So worth it to know how you feel, and letting the people you care about know as well… honesty & emotional congruence really matter here.

Then the New Moon of the 29th in your biz sector, on productive Ceres and trine positive Pluto in your work/lifestyle sector. Such a brilliant attitude, to embrace whatever career goals make you feel good about your sense of purpose in the world and actually follow through with the right choices every day; to be the magic success machine you know you want to become.

Image: Zhang Jingna

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