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Mars & Venus in your biz sector this month are such a turn on for your professional brilliance!

Venus reveals your natural talent, creative inspo and charm to shine in the world, because it feels good to succeed doing something you enjoy and are genuinely good at. And Mars is the ambitious work ethic to back it up-you are nothing if not driven by brazen confidence right now…

So Mars opposite Saturn retro in your home sector, square Uranus in your relationship sector & trine Chiron in your work/lifestyle sector, July 1st could feel like a kind of frustrating way to begin the month:

As in Saturn brings up security issues around domestic/family scenarios you still need to sort out & Uranus brings up volatile love developments just when you’re trying to bust a move on the job. And Chiron insists on disciplined, healthy wellbeing & lifestyle choices, if you want to keep your vitality up to chase career goals. Gosh the pressure is on to keep your act together -and obviously you’re more than up to the challenge of thriving in all aspects of your life no matter what, right?

It’s actually all about keeping your relationships sweet. I mean Saturn for a stable, committed vibe at home, with whoever you live with just as Uranus requires maximum space & emotional oxygen in your love life is an interesting balancing act.

Especially with the New Moon of the 10th in your adventure sector-where you really just want to charge off & chase your dreams sans suffocating expectations from anyone!! Gah its tricky, but honestly it’s worth it to get your personal/love connections right, to nurture and adore one another whilst also allowing wriggle room to explore your own, thrilling dreams & schemes in the world.

Especially Mars/Venus conjunct, in your biz sector by the 14th is all about focus on brilliant professional relationships and savvy networking to help you get ahead. This is primo astro for negotiations that could be so advantageous, if you play your cards right.

And if single- maybe mid-month reveals some friendly, flirty frisson at work that becomes romantic attraction at warp speed -if you’re in to that kind of thing?


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