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So how about your ruler Pluto in your ideas/communication sector, for the last several years? You’ve looked deep into your minds eye, with the unflinching courage you do so well. To become so self aware about your belief systems & state of consciousness. You’ve become quite the wise guru to yourself. And, as usual; either enigmatically silent whist you do inner communion OR cut the crap, with piercingly insightful insights that blow people away, when you do speak up.

So this month is a chance to finesse clear communication; as Pluto prepares to rock your home sector from March till June, revealing any tricky family issues you need to talk about, hmmm? For a clue about how game changing/transformative your family dynamics & sense of where/how to live are going to get; when Pluto gets moving in your home sector from Feb 2024 -for the next 20 years!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Feb 6th in your biz/career sector:

With Bitch Lilith involved, it’s your most unique, spunky style that frankly doesn’t give a fuq what anyone thinks, shining in the world. As long as you get to make autonomous career choices, that dig deep into your actual, talented potential you’re happy. As opposed to just going along with status quo expectations, which frankly bore you to tears right now?

So Mercury/Pluto in your ideas/communication sector, and

Venus in your talent sector helps. To articulate your values & career goals clearly to yourself, and show them off with such brilliance in the world… radiant personal integrity is your thing!

And trine Chiron/Jupiter in your practical 6th house. Job satisfaction comes from the freedom to be authentic at work, hopefully doing something meaningful, to expand your professional horizons? And the positive vibes of a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle as well.

Also this Moon square Uranus in your relationship sector. You get that the key peeps in your life, personally & professionally, are not necessarily the most reliable as such. But they could be the most open minded, to appreciate whatever weird & wonderful brilliance you are on about right now, and inspire you right back with their own brilliance. It’s kind of a mutual respect thing; to keep your relational/mutual support dynamics exciting?

And Mars direct in your home turf, the 8th house of sex & emotional intimacy, syncing this Moon. Your love life could be hot right now! Passionate moments feel so real. For fresh chemistry with your partner, in the bedroom and how to create the ideal home together? Or if single, totally unexpected, bang on timing for some thrilling new flirtation, seduction and maybe even long term potential?

Especially by the New Moon Feb 20th, in your 5th house of talent, creativity, fun and playful romance:

Conjunct Saturn in your home sector. To heighten your natural emotional intelligence with the family dynamics. Not only to sort out any serious issues going on; but more importantly have a good time together! I mean quality time with your tribe, and loved ones is kind of the most important thing, right?

And with Venus in your work/lifestyle sector, the simple daily pleasures are a thing. Creative fun on the day job, as much as you can focus on the stuff you’re good at. And cultivate a positive daily routine, taking the time to smell the roses as you go. Lovely.

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