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So with Mars/Uranus drama & thrills in your relationship sector lately, you’ve been processing just how weird & wonderful your loved ones & interpersonal dynamics can get huh? I mean its been fun & all but jeez, lucky you can handle the roller coaster ride with your love of emotional intensity & all.

Because this month the focus is firmly on your most fundamental relationships where you live –family, co-habs/flatmates & your partner/shacked up lover/whoever spends time in your bedroom regularly. The emotional vibe at home is a big deal right now.

Venus gliding thru your home sector is all about sweet domestic/familial/romantic harmony; but also Mercury retrograde brings up any weird misunderstandings etc you need to deal with along the way. So Feb is great to keep it real, by dealing with the issues with that emotional courage you do so well, the better to bond with loved ones on a deeper level. Nice one!

Same goes for your physical dwelling –you are so inspired to finesse décor & feng shui the energy, to create a beautiful home for your heart. But meanwhile any real estate deals, rental agreements, reno logistics going on here –best not sign contracts or hare brained property schemes till after retro Mercury direct from Feb 21st.

It kind of goes like this:

Venus conjunct Saturn, square Uranus on the 6th is tetchy as fuq, where you ideally handle the power trips & insecurities with as much cool equanimity as possible.

The New Moon of the 12th rewards you with Venus on lucky Jupiter, where everyone gets over their petty shizz & the confidence to love large, for a home base that supports your most expansive personal growth.

Venus square Mars around the 20th brings attraction friction & romantic chemistry to the mix. If you’re on the prowl hot dates are likely, & best staged at home. Or if partnered its fight or fuq passion; so rekindling the flame seductively, with your loved one is more fun than thrashing out the same old tedious arguments, know what I mean?

Then the Full Moon of the 27th wakes up your charm & creative talent: to work your relating skills via social/professional networking, get out there & show off your brilliance to the wider world. Time to shine!

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