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So Venus in Scorpio from Nov 6th is nice, to begin Dec with a positive attitude. Your natural charisma, good looks and talent are more radiant than ever. And Venus opposite Jupiter early Dec, to bring your gorgeous desirability, for positive chemistry in your love life.

Your Venusian vibe is equally practical and dreamy:

So the big news this month is Neptune direct, from Dec 6th in your playful 5th house. The 5th is creative confidence, about your natural talent, showing off your brilliance, having a good time doing stuff you love, playing with your crew, and sweet, flirty romance.

I mean Saturn direct in your 5th last month was great, for the discipline to get your creative process on point. The satisfaction of being able to work towards whatever turns you on, with a sense of personal integrity is now officially activated.

But maybe Neptune still retro was a bitch recently, trying to keep a handle on your slippery creative muse…wondering if your highest creative aspirations, or idealistic romantic desires are too elusive to achieve?

Which makes Neptune direct from Dec 6th, just as Venus into Scorpio such perfect timing…

Your muse returns, with such divine inspiration to turn you on. Artistic endeavours find their flow, with renewed, incandescent sparkly genius. Your fascinating, enigmatic personal charisma becomes more enchanting. Your peeps are drawn to you like moths to a flame, wondering what new magic you are cooking up? Including lovers-with Jupiter in your love sector, your gorgeous allure attracts such generous romantic attention from your crush/partner etc. So why not shine, with the delicious radiance that is your natural thing this month??

I mean Saturn also driving forward, in your 5th house has your back. You approach all of this, with a baseline of solid personal integrity. As much as you are chasing your dreams and desires, you keep it real. With tangible determination to manifest whatever you are on about-in a way you can be true to yourself and treat your relationships with full, mutual respect as you go.

Cue the New Moon of Dec 13th, in your 2nd house of personal values and prosperity. With Ceres conjunct Mars involved:

The more Ceres nurtures comfortability in your own skin, to embody the values that matter to you? The more you get to believe in Mars ambition, driving your manifesting magic. The self belief, to make your most brazen material desires a reality is on. I mean do admit you love to make good coin, doing what you do…this Moon could be a kicker, for a fully lucrative attitude.

Especially healer Chiron in your practical 6th house with the Destiny Point. You get to cultivate healthy lifestyle habits -that are fab for a productive, success oriented work ethic, as well as holistic wellbeing. Working to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle, just as much as professional satisfaction, right?

Also Mars has you feeling good about asserting your own, unique point of view. Especially your ruler Pluto in your 3rd house of ideas & communication. You prefer to remain silent & enigmatic, keeping them guessing than wishy washy virtue signalling/people pleasing. With Ceres it’s a form of self care right now, to speak your truth with ruthless Scorpio integrity & emotional honesty. Yes, but also Mercury retro mid month-might want to check the details of whatever you’re on about, lol?

Also Venus in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in your love sector. Maybe keeping it sweet, a bit more diplomatic, honest passion with your lover works a treat-for positive, liberating relating skills to grow together?

Image: Emma Watson.

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