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So how about the Total Solar Eclipse of Dec 4th in your income/security sector? You love this, especially opposite Bitch Lilith in your home turf, the 8th house of financial & sexy personal entanglements:

-Clever Mercury involved, opposite caring Ceres is a fantastic combo to negotiate biz/financial agreements, that are genuinely beneficial for everyone concerned. And emotionally intelligent, caring conversations with your lover that feel so nice.

-Then Mars from the 14th brings vibrant, spunky confidence to back up whatever earning plans you’re into. And fire up your already famous seductive charisma -ooh la la if you’re involved or chasing some attraction, you are quite the love machine!

Which brings us to Venus in your ideas/communication sector, in an extended tour from Nov till March for an inspired, creative attitude. And conjunct Pluto all Dec, for nitty gritty, empowered clarity to see where things are at:

-You get, more than ever that your internal dialogue & belief systems literally create your reality -this is basic witchy/magic logic. And as the most savvy, witchy type of all, with the creative power of Venus you have made a deal with yourself; even as Pluto triggers any shadow, negative thinking you face those demons & transform them -to look at the bright side of whatever is going on & choose positive affirmations, no matter what.

-You get, more than ever that charming, sweet talk is the way to deal with key conversations in your life. Because with Pluto certain fuqwits could be pressing your buttons right now, and do admit you can get your bitch on big time, when triggered? So yes, you could get into control freaky power trips right now, and you might even win on some level. But at what cost?

Much better to use Pluto intensity to tune into real, authentically vulnerable conversations; where you hold your own but also listen to the other point of view, or bond even better with peeps you already agree with. For transformative, empowering, harmonious dialogues that actually work.

Especially by the Full Moon of the 19th in the 8th house; where the people you are most closely entwined with get you, on a natural, instinctive level. So good to feel connected with the relationships that matter.

So even Saturn square Uranus in your home & relationship sectors could be provoking any underlying tensions in your personal life -it seems that everyone has the skills & caring intentions, to find some kind of mutual understanding as much as possible. Nice one!

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