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August begins with a spectacular Mars/Uranus/Destiny Point conjunction which has everyone fired up -and it’s exact in your love sector!

Uranus is halfway through several years of throbbing away in the background, in your love sector; so you’re already getting the hang of weirdly fluctuating, exciting relationship dynamics. I mean it’s kind of disturbing your control freaky tendencies, as loved ones are annoyingly, wildly unpredictable for this chapter in your life. But also turning on your thrill-seeking tendencies, as the most famously passionate sign you adore raw feelings, radical vulnerability and (do admit) drama; and Uranus is sure keeping it edgy for you!

Also the Destiny Point/North Node is all about a meaningful sense of fate calling your name, with scenarios that feel meant to be, with promising outcomes or at least positive personal growth.

So Uranus conjunct the Destiny Point was always going to be a significant clue & game-changing developments, about where your most important love affairs/partnerships are heading, one way or the other, or timing of some spooky destined new attraction? You can feel it in your bones…

And Mars in your love sector, from early July till August 21st then heating up your sex/intimacy sector for a rare, extended visit till March next year-oh my goodness Scorpio mating season is a big deal for quite a while!!

So meanwhile, Mars joining Uranus/Destiny Point early August ramps up the hot-blooded passion like crazy. You are so much more likely to enjoy delicious, ardent attention from your partner to revive the chemistry, or a love affair/crush flares up or a new attraction takes off at warp speed. Especially if you are into men, Mars being such a testosterone energy coming at you, or if you are a man your libido is on and ready to seduce whoever is chasing you?

Oh my, do admit you absolutely adore the sexy energy going on here. Even if volatile endings/beginnings/revealing feelings are wobbling your marital status, and you’re valiantly trying to score some personal space/emotional oxygen to keep an even keel amongst it all -it’s a life affirming, wild ride that is totally energising huh?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Aug 12th is in your home sector, conjunct Saturn and activating Mars relationship action. The focus turns to domestic harmony. Saturn is great to ground all this energy, with the emotional discipline to care about family dynamics, the tribe you share your space with and shacked up lovers. The key word is commitment; to create a loving home and mutual, solid support with the people you most care about. I mean even if there are tricky power trips going on or someone is trying to repress their true feelings, with Saturn retrograde; you are up for keeping it real, with healthy boundaries and keeping the integrity of healthy connections alive as much as possible.

Meanwhile this Moon has Venus lighting up your professional sector, with productive Ceres & the creative energy of the Sun involved. The confidence to shine your talent bright in the world, just because you are so brilliant at whatever you do.

I mean especially with lucky Jupiter & the healer Chiron retrograde in your work/health sector all month. You are so aware of positive lifestyle choices, to feel good physically and the work ethic to manifest your career ambition in real life; despite any obstacles/delays you are determined to succeed-go you!

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