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Venus conjunct Neptune, April 3rd in your 5th house of talent, creative self expression & fun is such a lovely, inspired vibe to begin the month. Whether playing with your creative brilliance, to explore the most visionary, genius potential of whatever you are good at? Or embracing the pleasures that turn you on-this could be high frequency or louche & intoxicated as fuq, so you might want to watch that? I mean when Scorpio gets wild, you really go for it! 

So it’s worth noting Mars Conjunct Saturn, also in your 5th house this month-exact April 11th. Mars wants to have a good time but also get shit done. And Saturn wants to clean up your act, so the productive aspect of Mars is kind of more energising. Such brilliant discipline, to work your creative process effectively. 

Perfect for the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon of April 9th in your practical 6th house.

With Venus into your 6th, and New Moon conjunct healer Chiron, Destiny Point and Mercury retrograde:

To take a holistic approach to healthy wellbeing. I mean even if you have to re-think your daily routine and get your priorities straight -to cultivate clean daily habits for physical vitality, as well as mental/emotional clarity?

The more you are comfortable in your skin, with radiant health the more you can tackle your sense of purpose, of course. To focus your natural talent on the meaningful professional growth that matters to you, long term. Much more intentional & intelligent than just banging away at the boring daily grind, just for the sake of status quo, know what I mean? 

It’s all about a work/life balance, that fills your cup on every level. A gig that challenges you in affirmative ways, about your full vocational potential and also supports the pleasurable, life-affirming lifestyle you actually want to live. I mean ok, I know this sounds like a generic cliche, but honestly the power of this Eclipse is real-as a rare opportunity to find your sweet spot, about living with the satisfaction of full Scorpio integrity. 

Meanwhile Jupiter and Uranus, in your 7th house/partner sector

Have been rocking your love life for a while. 

I mean do admit, as much as you can be kind of obsessive & control freaky about relationships? Is only because your sexy passion is so intense, and deep capacity for devotion is so real-you are aware of how vulnerable you can be about it. So despite your reputation as sex-maniac etc, you can be surprisingly puritanical about who you connect with. Quality over quantity is your speed, genuine intimacy much more than random hook ups or beige dating/coupling, just for the sake of company. You would rather be alone than some tedious compromise, right? 

So Jupiter/Uranus are exactly conjunct by April 18th, to activate the kind of loving that really turns you on. Uranus wants to liberate your mind, about radical new relationship dynamics and positive Jupiter to be lucky in love-more likely to attract someone promising. Ideally you are dealing with a lover you can trust-with previously unauthorised emotional oxygen, to love with wild abandon. 

Or eyen if some batshit crazy connection reaches peak weirdness, and you realise you have to cut loose? Actually this could be quite exciting, to be free to go do your own thing sans some nutcase cramping your style-what a relief! 

So either way, if this means getting out of your comfort zone, so be it. 

You love large or not all, fearless about being true to yourself. You adore this vibe, and makes you even more attractive than ever.

Especially by the Scorpio Full Moon of April 24th.

Perfect to tune into your own instincts, about presenting yourself in the world with full emotional authenticity. It’s like take me as I am, or not at all. I mean you’re so busy aligning with your true creative genius & charisma, could give a fuq what anyone else thinks. The people who get you are all over it, appreciating whatever you’re on about…

And especially this Moon square Pluto on your home sector. You figure out  the family dynamics that support your self expression, and appreciate the tribe who help you to evolve…. Or if any control freaks are cramping your style at home-you’re so ready to move on, know what I mean? 

Image: Kika Mulitz Livno


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