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So your ruler Pluto, fresh in your home sector, has you thinking about how to transform your domestic & family scenario. You understand the fundamental imperative coming up, is creating a home base that replenishes your energy:

It feels inevitable to drill down on family dynamics. Maybe certain skeletons in the closet or familial power trips are being revealed, to finally clear the air? And even if things are already sweet, the chance to find an even more honest, mutually empowering way to love and live with your tribe.

And if you feel any tectonic shifts, about where/how you want to live? Yes there could be a significant change in your location, or property situation in the coming years-plenty of time to get this right.

And Pluto syncing Saturn in your play sector & Mars in your adventure sector early April, emphasises how much a healthy home base supports your creative discipline, the better to create expansive possibilities for yourself.

Which is kind of a theme, about balancing your interpersonal obligations and imperative to evolve on your own terms this month:

First the Full Moon of April 6th is in your spooky 12th house. As such a spooky, mysterious creature yourself, you quite like this opportunity to hide out, in the inner sanctum of your introverted self. In other words let the white noise of the outer world drop away for a moment; in order to tune into your own spiritual discipline & creative inspo, and figure out what’s really important to you right now.

Because this Moon also opposes Chiron/Sun/Jupiter in your 6th house of practical day job strategies & healthy lifestyle choices. I mean you’re a pretty smart cookie, about how clear intentions within, aligned with a meaningful sense of purpose; manifest a functional, productive daily routine, right?

Great, so a healthy, inspired inner life creates a healthy, prosperous lifestyle and work ethic right now.

Which brings us to the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of April 20th, in your 6th house, conjunct Jupiter:

Let’s face it, Jupiter is not the most pragmatic or disciplined energy. Way more into personal freedom; to chase wild dreams, find meaningful satisfaction on the day job, very flexible work hours, and a lush, expansive, enjoyable (ok indulgent) lifestyle. Than so much turning up on time/following a strict diet etc. So lucky you have the healer Chiron in the background, maintaining a sense of healthy wellbeing and work/life balance as you go, to ameliorate Jupiter excess!

Because if kept in line, Jupiter is such a brilliant, positive influence.

A wonderfully confident attitude to professional success, doing whatever you truly believe in. A dynamic workout regime to stay fit.

As in that extra cocktail at night is not so bad, if you get up early and sweat it off at the gym. Or taking a day off to replenish your energy doing something fun, if it helps you get back on the tools the next day with extra efficient productivity. A motivated kind of vibe, to turn you on.

Also this Moon is called a Hybrid Eclipse for a reason. Even though exact in your 6th house; 15 mins later the Moon moves into your 7th house/love sector, followed by the Sun 4 hours later. Where they both immediately conjunct the Destiny Point:

So the focus suddenly turns to the key people in your life, and how to consider healthy relationship dynamics in your sense of wellbeing. I mean Mercury/Uranus also in your 7th, is fascinating repartee & exciting new perspective on the meaning of loving connection.

Maybe fresh commitment with your partner, to keep it exciting and keep evolving together? Maybe a love affair becomes more promising, to reveal a future together? Maybe some flirtation becomes true romance at warp speed? And you want to make time for that, right?

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