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So how much are you loving your lucky ruler Jupiter, in your 5th house of fun, talent and playful creative expression this year? Permission to feel fabulous about being alive, and have a good time just because you can. I mean whatever else is going on around you, in this crazy world; you get that you can be a positive force, to create your own reality-magical, positive manifestation is your thing right now!

I mean Mars in your 5th house recently has had you so energised as above, to focus all your fab energy on whatever you most desire in life.

Now Mars into your work/health sector, from July 5th is where you follow through, do the daily discipline and actually make it happen for real:

I mean it’s one thing to be full of bravado, with the swagger to thrive just because you want to-and I tell you what you are sign most gifted at this kind of thing, with beloved-of-the-gods type sheer good luck to land on your feet every time; no one else knows how the fuq you do it but well done you!

But it’s a whole other, satisfying thing to get up every day and stick with a productive routine to get ahead:

Including a daily workout routine, which you adore for physical & mental vitality, so that’s no problem.

And a daily work ethic, to turn up to the day job on time/build your biz empire with perseverance etc; which let’s face it as a free spirit you find a lot more challenging. Not because you lack the drive to work hard/fulfill your full professional potential; you just don’t like being told how to do it by certain control freaks or bourgeois expectations of success -you’ve only been avoiding that kind of pressure your whole life…

You would much rather be a high functioning flake on your own terms than the daily grind-yes fair enough. But still, your challenge now is drill down a bit on your capacity to commit to what you’re doing and stick with the programme; the sense of accomplishment alone is worth it, let alone becoming an actual success machine with tangible results.

Especially the Full Moon of the 14th, in your income/financial security sector on lucrative Pluto. Because trine the Destiny Point/Uranus in your work sector; the potential here is embrace what turns you on professionally and work at it properly -and viola, making good coin doing what you do comes naturally. Obvious I know, but so true for you mid July.

Then the New Moon of the 29th in your adventure sector, on caring Ceres, just as Jupiter turns retrograde. So as much as this Moon is gorgeous inspo to chase the big, brazen dreams that make you feel good about being alive (which is the Sag version of healthy self care); it’s also ok to take the time to finesse the plan until Jupiter gets back on track from late November-just in time for Sag birthday season.

Meanwhile love? I’m just saying Venus on bitch Lilith, in your sex/intimacy sector this month… you are turned on by a lover who appreciates your sweet romantic passion AND your desire for personal autonomy, right?

Image: Helmut Newton

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