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So Mars in Sag this month has you so energised, charismatic and fired up to thrive on your own terms -full of that famous, spunky swagger of yours…

And your uber-positive ruler Jupiter, in magical Pisces from Jan 1st is such an inspiring, high frequency vibe…lucky you, feeling into fab intentions for 2022! And it’s all happening in your 4th house of home & family, so we have to talk about that:

As such a restless, free-range creature, you have a reputation as being untameable, undomesticated & impossible to pin down to one place-fair enough.

But actually, Saggies can be surprisingly house proud. You get that a nurturing, gorgeous domestic sanctuary is just the thing; as a base to replenish your energy in between charging around doing your thing in the world-and from which to fly free on your travels, knowing you have a roost to return to, right?

Besides, you need somewhere beautiful to show off all the fabulous things you’ve collected on your travels, or at least evoke some kind of exotic, boho vibe to lush out & inspire your dreams.

And you adore your family & tribe, to the extent you get the emotional oxygen to be yourself with loved ones. I mean you don’t handle heavy expectations so well-you are guaranteed to fly out the door at the slightest provocation. But if your nearest & dearest are on board with your wildling, independent spirit, you are up for sharing the journey with them-and Jupiter here could be perfect, for expansive relationships that work.

Also your capacity to create the perfect home is about getting your financial act together, enough to put down roots/beautify your space or just pay the rent... I mean do admit you can be loose with the budget, lol.

Which is where the New Moon of Jan 3rd comes in handy. It’s in your income/money sector trine Uranus in your work sector, with Venus conjunct lucrative Pluto -to get a grip on the right gig/day job that is flexible & radical enough to keep you excited about what you do, whilst funding the lifestyle you love to live.

I mean Venus in your money sector, in a lengthy stay from Nov till March has you super inspired to make good coin. And retrograde on Pluto this month reveals any toxic spending habits/dumb debt/hare brained biz schemes etc that have been holding you back; the better to find a genuinely empowering way to create the wealth you desire. Patience please to finesse the plan -payday comes round when Venus moves forward from early Feb, to seize your optimum earning scenario for 2022.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Jan 18th in your sex/intimacy sector, opposite passionate Pluto & syncing sexy Mars in Sag -has you primed for some hot, emotionally real action in your love life! You are confident enough to chase/seduce the one you want; and because it’s likely to be reciprocated, embrace the mutual chemistry with healthy vulnerability -to really connect with exquisite authenticity. Nice one x

Image: Greg Kadel


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