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The New Moon of Sept 7th in your biz sector is a fab, fresh new sense of what you’re capable of professionally, especially trine radical Uranus in your work sector.

I mean Uranus aint exactly steady job security, more likely to throw existing plans out the window. And this would freak most signs out of kilter. But of course being such a wildling, who loves to do your own thing you are so ready for weird & wonderful new opportunities to embrace a more liberated lifestyle. And how to fund it of course, especially Mars in your biz sector trine lucrative Pluto in your income sector. So this could be primo time to stay focused & determined work ethic, for money magic to happen just when you have to be most adaptable to changing circumstance -brilliant!

Meanwhile your ruler Jupiter still cruising backwards in your ideas & communication sector is pause for thought. Maybe taking time to mindfully consider your belief systems; I mean as quite a philosophical thinker, you like to take a broad view and make meaningful sense of life. And gosh these strange times have us all questioning our values! So there could be key dialogues in your life, with loved ones/friends & community etc that you need to revisit & reconsider here. Hopefully reach a deeper understanding with peeps on your wavelength, make peace with those who think a little differently -and if necessary tune out the white noise of any idiots currently trying to do your head in?

So it’s helpful to have Venus hiding out in your soul sector from Sept 11th-Oct 8th, to do spiritual reflection and creative inspo to charge your batteries from within, for the moment. And I tell you what, you can look forward to Venus shining in your sign with your ruler Jupiter direct from Oct 18th -when your spunky mojo picks up for sure!

Meanwhile Mercury in your social sector this month, joined by Mars from Sept 15th-Oct 30th has you in full extrovert mode; ready to charge around spreading Sag truth bombs and getting amongst it with fab confidence in the world. Which dammit could be tricky with stupid lockdown etc, depending where you are right now. So you do what you can, to energise your connection with your tribe & community wherever possible huh? There are always moments of inspiring human connection & being a positive voice in the world-especially for such an optimist as yourself.

And love? Well Venus in your soul sector has you a tad introverted; lovely for private moments of communion if lucky enough to have a soulmate type currently in your life, but not so much casual flirtation/flings etc -you would rather do your own thing to be honest. Really it’s all about bitch Lilith, caring Ceres & the Destiny Point in your love sector. Relationships that move forward right now are highly compassionate & nurturing toward one another, whilst also respecting one another’s individuality. You are feeling so much beautiful capacity for unconditional love, but also definitely taking no control-freaky crap right?

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