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Yay, it’s all about your ruler, lucky Jupiter switching signs this month-in such an energising way…

I mean Jupiter in your domestic/family sector, on and off for the last year has been positive, mutually caring connection at home. But also you’re restless, and Neptune/Mars involved recently a lot of sensitive emo to deal with. So constant demands from your fam/loved ones -that no matter how much you adore them have been frankly doing your head in lately. Draining much??

So you are thrilled beyond belief to have Jupiter in your 5th house of fun, from May 12th for a whole year ahead- where the vibe shifts to expressing your true, exuberant self freely. Hallelujah, finally permission to play!!!

-Actual, quality time with your tribe to have fun together, just because everyone is feeling good & you can.

-With Venus/Mars involved; this includes sexy fun with your lover/partner. Especially Venus on the healer Chiron, you guys really deserve a chance to love one another up with romantic bliss, after whatever you’ve been through lately. And Mars/Jupiter, to re-ignite the passion that brought you together in the first place.

-Or if single/on the dating scene, I tell you what your flirt game is on point. And by that I mean you present yourself with brazen, spunky authenticity -and could care less if those who are scared by that get all wonky/insecure. Because I tell you what, the attractions that do reciprocate could be so exciting, in the sense they are an even match to have a good time with; and maybe more??

-And it’s really all about the space & emotional oxygen you love; to get on with creative projects that turn you on, show off your brilliant talent in the world just for fun-and maybe shameless self-promotion for professional progress?

Because meanwhile, the New Moon of May 1st in your work sector is a cracker:

-Bang on Uranus; so success is not so much a stable day-job scenario, as being completely free to work on your own terms when & how you want. Oh my goodness the sense of freedom here is so your natural thing-you thrive in these circumstances!

-The Destiny Point involved, trine lucrative Pluto is totally awesome. As in the more you cultivate your sense of purpose in the world, according to your most inspiring, meaningful higher calling -the more you make good coin. No one else knows how the fuq you do it, but you are most lucrative when swanning around doing what you believe in, right?

-And it’s a Partial Solar Eclipse, to amplify all of the above. Such a powerful way to begin the month, to nail the work/life balance you want.

Then the Full Moon of the 16th is a Total Lunar Eclipse, pretty magical in your spooky soul sector. This is where your shamanic/witchy magic & psychic antennae is on - for clear instincts about the next move in your life:

-square Saturn in your communication sector, for speaking your truth with integrity.

-trine Neptune/Mars in your home sector, to work on creating a nurturing domestic sanctuary, that fills your cup emotionally.

-opposite the Destiny Point in your work sector, sync moneybags Pluto in your income sector. Where you chase professional opportunities that are fully aligned with your spiritual values-and viola, you manifest the money you need to get on with it. Perfect!

Image: Daga Zoiber, Vogue Japan by Mikael Jansson


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