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So let’s talk about Pluto, the heavyweight planet of transformative growth, on your case for the last 28 years:

-In Sag from 1995 till 2008 was phoenix in the flames type personal growth, facing your demons, to rise up with a sexy, courageous new version of yourself. You nailed it.

-In your 2nd house of material security from 2008 till now has felt more challenging; in the sense your free spirit despises bourgeois money concerns, and let’s face it your financial planning is notoriously loose.

It’s like yes you can survive on the edge of broke, with your gypsy hustling skills if required; for the free range lifestyle you adore -you do it well. But also, do admit you’ve been craving the freedom of a much more lucrative scenario. You’ve been coming to terms with what wealthy prosperity means to you for a while now; consumed by the imperative to work your ass off getting ahead, in a way you would normally avoid? Well done, doing your best to materially thrive on your own terms.

So Pluto in your clever 3rd house from March 23rd feels like a treat, bang on the New Moon of the 22nd in your playful 5th house. The 3rd house is the power of the mind, clear intentions & clear communication, to find your intelligent voice in the world. The 5th house is the buzz of creative talent, finessing what you’re good at and the sheer charisma to show it off:

This feels like the luxury to get out of survival issues; with the freedom to focus on the quality of your thoughts & creative process. Especially Venus/Destiny Point with Uranus in your 6th house of work ethic. Your sense of productive focus on meaningful goals is suddenly so exciting, for life-affirming fun and a different kind of manifesting magic. All those dreams of wealthy autonomy you’ve been banging away at for years now? Could become so much more available, because you really believe in what you’re on about by now.

I mean as quite the philosopher you think about things deeply, and do admit quite like to pontificate about it-when you find like minded crew to have meaningful dialogues with? Yes, with your fab intellectual curiosity (especially your expansive ruler Jupiter, in your 5th house), you could be getting amongst some fascinating conversations -that properly inspire you.

And the best thing is Pluto rocks your 3rd house for the next 20 years! To keep revealing your spectacularly positive, creative mind -even if you have to slay a few fears/demons of self doubt along the way,

To master the quality of your thoughts, like a true shaman; for a heathy, empowering attitude and the power to magically manifest your life. Amazing!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of March 7th in your biz sector, trine Uranus in your work sector. For bang on professional instincts at work. Not so much playing the game in the ‘straight world’ in a tedious, bourgeois way-although you can certainly insinuate yourself into whatever scenario feels advantageous. More being clever enough to optimise the most radical schemes you have up your sleeve. The freedom to be a high-functioning flake is what turns you on this month-and with Pluto still in your security sector till the 23rd, finesse everything you’ve learned about monetising your genius in recent years, huh?

Ok, and what about my love life, I hear you ask? Because Mars lingering in your relationship sector since August, has been a big focus on love action. Maybe renewed passion with your partner, even if this means dealing with any tetchy issues triggering conflict -to figure out how to make love, not war. Or if single/dating, a flurry of interest from hot-blooded attractions, for your consideration?

So Mars into your sex/intimacy sector from March 25th ups the ante. Deeper, passionate feelings are revealed. Deeper levels of real emotional commitment become possible -including more honest conversations when you do trigger one another’s tempers? Or even crazy affairs-that may or may not make logical sense? You’re looking at smoking hot seductions/sexual chemistry that rocks your world-one way or the other.

Image: Sandra Freija for Union Magazine


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