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How about Pluto in your 2nd house, of personal values & autonomous prosperity for the last several years? To drill down on transforming your financial reality, with as much lucrative attitude as possible.

Then Pluto in your 3rd house since April was a sneak preview, of how courageously you are ready to interrogate, and transform your own belief systems and communicate your truth. Sudden clarity to face any limiting ideas about yourself and the world, with the brutal honesty you are famous for?

It's not about giving yourself a hard time; more the empowering mental freedom, to embrace a fresh perspective, shamanic self-awareness and piercing the veil of illusion with that positive, expansive open mind you are also famous for. And you get to explore this liberating attitude from next Feb, for the next 20 years! Lucky you…

Meanwhile Pluto back into your 2nd house recently, for the rest of the year -to finesse the personal, material autonomy to be able to do so:

As in it obviously helps be as financially free as possible, in order to focus on transforming your hopes & dreams (idealistic aspirations being the mental currency of Sag, right?).

This may be empowering lucrative wealth, comfortable enough income to create new possibilities, or being comfortable playing with uncertain income-because the freedom of self employment/creative work is worth it? I mean if you are ever going to score juicy prosperity; all the work you’ve been doing for the last several years is most likely to pay off in the next several months…

It looks like magical manifesting, and no-one else knows how the fuq you do it -funding a lifestyle of swanning around being a free spirit. But you know the gritty survival instincts you’ve had to sharpen, dark horse gypsy tricks you’ve had to pull off and constant focus you’ve had to maintain-on the prize of financial freedom. So you richly deserve whatever wealth/material security you are creating right now, and you know it!

Especially Pluto square radical Uranus in your work/lifestyle sector for the next few years-permission to bring your free-range work ethic to flexible, liberating ways to earn good coin.

Perfect timing for the Full Moon of July 3rd, joining Pluto in your 2nd house:

Opposite Sun/Mercury in your 8th house of financial entanglements-for clever strategies, to figure out the best people to do business with.

Trine Sag ruler Jupiter, between Uranus and the Destiny Point in your work/lifestyle sector. Radical options turn up, to live and work on your own terms; and up to you to sort out the hare brained schemes from promising, visionary opportunities, know what I mean?

Then Mars in your brilliant career sector from July 10th, trine the Destiny Point in your work sector. For a rush of confidence to chase those visionary, vocational dreams of yours. Time to shine, professionally!

Meanwhile Venus conjunct Mars & Bitch Lilith early July in your home turf, the expansive 9th house. With Venus lingering in your 9th house until October, you really appreciate the relationships that support your

uncompromising, creative vision for your future-and maybe someone special to share it with?

Cue the New Moon of July 18th, in your sexy 8th house opposite Pluto: Square Destiny Point in your playful romance sector, and trine Neptune in your home sector. Romantic love benefits from passionate seduction, with deeper feelings involved. And family/domestic relationships benefit from as much mutual empathy as possible, to commit to the tribe who care about you. Nice one x

Image: unable to find original credit, for this gorgeous picture.

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