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What with lucrative Pluto in your 2nd house of financial/material security for the last several years, you’ve been fixated upon hustling independent income. I mean as much as, do admit, your financial/budgetary skills can be pretty loose; you’ve done your best to get your act together.

Because as such a determinedly freedom loving sign, it has felt so important & empowering to create wealth on your own terms. Sans being reliant on anyone else to survive/day job obligations -which frankly does your head in at the best of times. You’re on a mission to be financially free!

So Venus exactly conjunct Pluto Jan 1st, has you beginning 2023 with such brilliant schemes to monetise your natural talent. With Mercury retrograde, for the attention span to get the tricky details right; that you would normally overlook in your exuberance to get on with it.

So the New Moon of Jan 7th, in your 8th house of interpersonal entanglements & financial interdependence is interesting:

With Bitch Lilith opposite Pluto could be quite the power trip, to suss out anyone trying to cramp your style with tedious control freakery? And take an empowering stance -not by picking a fight with them (not gonna work, with Mars retro in your relationship sector!), but by ignoring their provocations as you focus on your own evolution.

The better to notice how certain people, just as spunky as you, DO fully support your growth, and how much you appreciate them. And maybe reveal a tetchy, mutually hot attraction, to positively challenge you and turn you on?

Then Venus in your communication sector trines Mars in your love sector Jan 10th, just in time for Mars. Finally!

Because it’s so good to have Mars firing up your 7th house of love and partnership, for a rare, lengthy stay from last August till this March. You’re loving the passionate attention from your partner, to feel more connected and re-ignite the flame between you. Or if single, so much more confident to chase up a hot attraction, much more likely to turn up during this transit. Mating season for sure!

Which has made Mars retrograde since Nov 1st so fuqing annoying; just as you thought you were connecting beautifully, your lover vibes weird or unavailable. Gah especially if you’re into men, they do tend to be tricky with Mars retro.

So Mars direct from Jan 13th is fab-to awaken the latent desire between you, and get on with being madly in love! Or at least have a good time flirting, or being seduced by someone ardent… lovely.

And with Venus in your 3rd house of communication this month, let’s face it you are more charming than ever, I mean who could resist you?

But more important the 3rd is about how the quality of our thoughts affects our reality. And Venus here reminds you that you are the ultimate expert at positive thinking. You cannot deal with negativity or despair, it literally drives you mad. You understand, on a fundamental level, that any situation can be alchemised into gold with a life affirming, positive attitude. It’s why you seem to be so lucky; even in the toughest times, you pull through with swagger and outlaw disdain for stupid obstacles in your way. No one else knows how the hell you do it, but you get the discipline you constantly apply to believing in higher outcomes, right?

I mention this because Pluto into your 3rd house, from March till June this year is ready to transform your belief systems, with radically empowering new ideas. Which you will explore further, to free your mind in liberating ways from Feb 2024-for the next 20 years!

Also, remember we spoke about your obsession with autonomy, because you can’t handle relying on anyone else? Well Pluto into your 3rd house is about the power of networking with like minded crew. Maybe you’re about to learn the power of healthy interdependence; as in it feels nice to have a community of mutual support, and it’s ok to rely on one another a bit??

Caring Ceres in your social sector, opposite your ruler Jupiter in your confidence sector this month is lovely; to realise how many people adore you for being your true, exuberant self. It feel so good to feel part of your tribe, huh?

Image: unable to find original credit for this lovely picture.

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