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So just when your ruler Jupiter, in your home sector had you focused on domestic & family scenarios since mid-May -and feeling so close to manifesting the ideal Sag sanctuary… and yes this may come to fruition at warp speed, when Jupiter races through your home sector early 2022…

Meanwhile Jupiter retrograde into your ideas sector this month has you back the drawing board, so to speak. You are re-visiting the cool schemes and dreams you were so busy with early this year, and realizing there is a new perspective on the things that matter to you; to finesse the dialogues that help to clarify & manifest whatever you are on about right now.

I mean your reputation as fun-loving wild child is fair enough, you can be a brat and won’t be told what to do. But actually you are a creature of deeply held principles, a rebel with a cause; which drives your bravado to charge around walking your talk in the world.

So Jupiter picks up your outspoken, communication genius for the rest of the year; to run around being the voice of truth & mental stimulation of networking with like-minded crew -you love this! And the Full Moon of the 22nd bang on Jupiter is most auspicious, for any emotionally real conversations going on in your life.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 8th in your vision sector, with radical Uranus in your work sector and healer Chiron in your talent sector ups the ante. You’ve got big dreams to chase in the Sag life plan, and willing to work whatever lifestyle /better health choices are necessary, to rev up your confidence to share your brilliance in the world -and maybe some cool new gig/professional opportunity just when you’re most ready to be adaptable & embrace it huh?

Especially Venus & Mars in your biz sector, the perfect combo of shining your gorgeous talent bright, for maximum professional recognition and the work ethic to follow through.

And Lilith/Ceres exactly conjunct in your love sector is an interesting combo, with the Destiny Point for spooky attraction that wants to work long term. Ceres is all about caring for one another and cultivating a safe, supportive, emotionally nourishing connection. And Lilith insists on personal space, being turned on by one another’s fierce individuality and a fiery don’t tell me what the fuq to do sexy frisson-which do admit is kind of your style lol. It’s a nice balance actually, between wanting to cook dinner for your lover & cuddle up as much as possible, in between charging around getting your groove on in the world-which ideally you don’t cramp each other’s style or could get bitchy/tetchy hmmm?

Image: Maciej Bernas


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