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So Uranus is still churning up your work sector, requiring such alacrity to keep up with rapidly evolving professional circumstance. And keep your cool, some kind of physical wellbeing & work/life balance whilst you juggle various gigs/weird opportunities you are madly trying to hustle.

And square Saturn means you need to keep your arrow aimed straight, toward the plans & intentions you’ve been valiantly trying to manifest for the last few years no matter how much the goalposts keep changing. Your ruler Jupiter says its so important to maintain high-end intentions, positive thinking & visualise your goals with perfect clarity. Aargh mental discipline much, to keep your shit together??

Well the New Moon of the 12th could be a breath of fresh air, thank goodness! It’s in your play/creative expression sector bang on lovely Venus for delicious dolce vita living…

Maybe Venus square lucrative Pluto in your income sector is the confidence to work your most brilliant talent, to make good coin in the world doing what you love –no excuses, time to shamelessly back what you’re good at to fund the life you want to live. Maybe the financials are ok for a while, to explore your creativity freely without anyone breathing down your neck. Maybe time out to go have fun with friends & family/quality time with your lover/having a good time doing whatever turns you on, just because it feels good to be alive. It’s great to remember you were born to be free, and embrace every moment because life is meant to be enjoyed huh?

And speaking of Venus sparking up your romantic bliss here –you also have Mars in your relationship sector bringing next level passion from whoever you are into. To the extent Mars on the Destiny Point late March revealed the intentions of your special someone, or a flash new attraction that feels so promising? Especially if you’re into men, Mars syncing this New Moon could have an ardent lover/partner or potential crush coming at you big time mid month.

Then Mars in your intimacy sector from the 24th brings sexy chemistry to get it on -ideally revealing deeper, vulnerable passion that could lead to something meaningful?

Then the Full Moon of the 27th is in your soul sector, to take a moment from the fray of interpersonal/professional entanglements that are going on around you, and check in with your inner, spiritual wellbeing. It’s all about self-care and cultivating the work/life balance that honours the juicy, fulfilling lifestyle that feels genuinely meaningful –nice one.

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