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Sagittarius New Moon, exact 8.57am Nov 24th, AEDT.

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Sag we come to terms with our burning desire for personal freedom.

And to the extent this would normally have us charging around, restless as fuq to get on with the next big adventure calling our name as swiftly as possible; kicking our heels at anything or anyone attempting to slow us down? Mars retrograde in Sag's opposite sign, Gemini, has us necessarily more adept at considering every angle of our situation; with the intelligence and patience to finesse whatever brilliant, inspired course of action is firing us up right now. Know what I mean?

Also this Moon trines lucky Sag ruler Jupiter, for extra positive confidence in the courage of our convictions. Yes! But also Jupiter is in storm phase, turning direct in dreamy, magical Pisces-and square Mars retro. So we are taking the time for nuanced emotional intelligence, the better to chase our visionary dreams with near-shamanic clarity about our higher purpose in the world.

So it's lovely to have Venus/Mercury conjunct in Sag, trine the healer Chiron:

To work our creative /biz schemes with beautiful attention to detail; to magically manifest whatever we're on about with precision.

And sweet communication with our loved ones. I mean Sag can be brutally honest in personal relationships, which is great to keep it real. But it can be nice to temper this with a bit more subtlety &'s a lovely Moon to harmonise healthy, authentic and caring relationship dynamics.

Happy Sag New Moon folks. Lets be radically free, self-aware, sovereign beings who also take responsibility for our choices-and do it well, with spunky swagger & style x

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