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Full Moon in Sagittarius, exact 9.51pm June 14th, AEST. It's kinda wild!

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing all month, and in Sag it's an irrepressible desire to be free! We are restless as fuq, crave personal space to do our own thing and massively impatient with any tricky people or scenarios trying to break our stride...

So we could have an outbreak of bickering, in any control freaky relationship dynamics-we are SO not up for being told what to do. Or rebelling against suffocating work/authoritarian systems cramping our professional style, we are seeking more autonomous options for sure.

So ideally we really appreciate loved ones, friends & community who allow us to be our true selves; and we reciprocate by allowing everyone else to be free spirits as well, of course. Feels like healthy, mutually supportive, positive relationships could grow beautifully here, with genuinely unconditional love -nice one.

Especially this Moon exactly square dreamy Neptune. We seek magic, mystery, meaningful goals to strive towards and intoxicating emotional, romantic, creative & spiritual rapture! We are bored as fuq by the regular, dreary expectations of normal life -we want to aim higher and really feel alive to our full potential.

Such an exquisite invitation to live like we mean it, with high frequency brilliance. If we can avoid the tricky Neptune temptation to delusional, escapist fantasy or shonky/toxic habits that keep us stuck in our own excuses, of course...

Lets keep it high end folks -happy idealistic, exciting Sag Full Moon x

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Image: Yinaa Ameliaa


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