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So how are we feeling with the Leo Full Moon, exact 2.56am Feb 17th AEDT, just beginning to ease off? It's been kind of intense...

I mean Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing all month; and in Leo our passionate, devoted feelings about each other and radiant desire to shine our brilliance/authentic selves in the world is magnificent.

So ideally we are bursting with personal confidence and generous love, to help everyone else feel good about themselves as well.

But if we feel thwarted, or out of whack for any reason it can exacerbate major ego tantrums, that we are not getting our own way, or a poignant self doubt about our sense of purpose/ability to express our feelings.

I mean some of us are really hitting our stride and owning our power right now, and some of us are genuinely struggling to find our voice or meaningful self assurance -you know, given the state of the world etc?

Especially this Moon in a grand square, with the Nodal Axis of karmic consequences of past actions and the Destiny Point calling us to our optimal personal growth; the vibe has a gravitas that can be so promising but also overwhelmingly real, if you know what I mean? Not to mention Pluto lurking around for deeper transformative growth, than we maybe thought we were ready for?

The key theme here is COURAGE. Our Leo roar is ready to rise, and embrace our positive growth and difficult challenges -with an equal mix of ferocious lust for life/success/romantic desire and conscious self awareness, to look within and find brave self acceptance no matter what.

Let's be Lionhearts huh? Happy Leo Full Moon x

Image: Neil Krug.


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