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PISCES HOROSCOPE for september 2022


So Mars spending the next several months in Gemini has everyone’s yang, willful, physical energy concentrated in one area of life for an unusually long time. It’s kind of fabulous, confident life force & kind of pressure cooker frustration for any unexpressed desires. And for you it’s happening in the 4th house of home, family & domestic dynamics:

It's quite a fiery energy to be contained in the sanctuary of your abode and trying to feel safe in the bosom of your family & tribe. In mean if you’re all getting on it’s great, to be a dynamic team, get stuff done and have fun together as you go. Perfect to make the effort to make quality time with the people you care about-because they matter, of course.

Or if there are any issues brewing under the surface, oh boy they are rising up big time -ready or not! Ideally you enjoy the chance to get stuff out in the open with healthy, positive dialogue, for renewed authenticity in close personal relationships. Or if passive aggressive avoidance of necessary conversations-watch out, conflict can flare up at warp speed!

And this could be fantastic for hot passion with your shacked up lover, especially square Venus in your partner sector mid month; to rekindle the spark with the one you love. Or if dating, maybe lure some promising attraction to home turf, to get cosy?

But same goes as above, if either of you is playing games in order to suppress feelings/control freak the situation, drama alert! Especially Mercury retrograde in your sex/intimacy sector from the 11th, unexpressed desires can be so tricky and tetchy to deal with, know what I mean?

Meanwhile the Pisces Full Moon of Sept 10th is on your spooky ruler Neptune, trine the powerful Uranus/Destiny Point action in your ideas sector. It’s all about aligning with your most inspiring sense of purpose, focusing your attention upon it with absolute clarity & viola; the dreams & intentions that turn you on really do come true. You are the sign most adept at this; no one else knows how the fuq you do it, as you swan around magically manifesting your life like a pro.

Especially this Moon trine bitch Lilith in your 5th house of talent, self expression & fun. Lilith is all about primal authenticity. To show off not only the likeable qualities that others can easily relate to, but also the more provocative aspects of whatever you are on about; which your crew could actually appreciate even more-for permission to embrace their own radical truth as well. You are quite the icon of personal integrity here-keep shining, crazy rockstar!

Then the New Moon of the 26th is in your sex/intimacy sector, opposite lucky Jupiter retro, just in time for Mercury retro meeting Venus in your partner sector. So you are totally keyed in to a deep sense of sexual, emotional & romantic connection. If you have someone special, the chemistry you share feels more natural than ever -with an innate, unspoken understanding of one another’s needs. Or if single/dating, a promising attraction feels like fresh inspiration to be your true self, as you flirt it up?

So it’s definitely mating season! But as much as this love dynamic feels easy, in the sense that you can trust the mutual feelings rising up; there is also the fact of Mercury opposite Jupiter, both retrograde. The best attractions stimulate your mind, ideally with new ideas to get excited about. It’s not just physical lust here, it’s the buzz of flirty mental repartee. But also this could throw up all manner of tricky misunderstandings, as you seek to understand one another’s different points of view. Your superpower is an open mind, of course, and embracing a fresh perspective on loving communication, right?

Image: St Denis beach is all I can find, for this vintage style picture?

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