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Oct begins with Venus opposite Jupiter retrograde, in your 2nd house of personal values, material security and independent income; which is handy to be inspired about, as Jupiter remains retro here for the rest of the month. Not so much speedy progress, but great to quietly align with your most positive intentions, dark horse style.

Because the Full Moon of Oct 10th is in your 2nd house, conjunct the healer Chiron opposite Venus/Sun in your 8th house of sex/intimacy & financial/biz entanglements. Also square bitch Lilith in your talent/creative self expression sector. So this Moon is beautiful to spend time with your own emotional intelligence:

Cultivating whatever creative manifestation of your desires & earning schemes feel like they work for your personal wellbeing. I mean getting ahead financially is one thing, but feeling comfortable in your skin as you do so is the real prize, right?

And cultivating healthy relating dynamics with the people you are most deeply, emotionally entangled with romantically/sexually, family & financial interdependence. Especially the connections that feel most sensitive/ trigger your vulnerability; with Venus involved the most beautiful opportunity, to figure out the special people who really do have your back?

Especially Venus trine Mars in your 4th house of home & family, exact Oct 18th. Could be sweet, easy romantic chemistry with your lover/partner-cosy, sexy nights at home for shacked up, domestic love. Or if dating, maybe a hot date on home turf?

Could be sweet, mutually supportive vibe with your family. It’s so nice to feel the loving embrace of your tribe(whoever they are/however you’ve chosen one another)-whether or not you agree on everything, you do appreciate the loyalty you share, yes?

I mean Mars spending the next several months in your home sector (as I discussed extensively last month), is going to trigger every conflict/point of discontent domestically-get ready, time to deal with it! Especially with such capacity for healthy, devoted loyalty that can thrive under pressure.

Then Venus into your adventurous 9th house from Oct 23rd broadens your focus. Especially the New Moon, Partial Eclipse of the 25th exactly conjunct Venus.

Brilliant inspo for visionary, big picture thinking to creatively expand your horizons. Which is a nice counterpoint to all that focus on the home base -thinking about chasing your dreams in the world, stimulating new learning/study opportunities and maybe a chance to travel is such a breath of fresh air to turn you on.

Which could also be nice, to take your romance vibe outside the home base. Maybe take your shacked up lover out, somewhere new to re-boot the chemistry in a fresh environment? Or if single, more likely to meet someone promising if you go hang out somewhere new. Or maybe some intellectually stimulating dialogue, with someone fascinating suddenly turns sexy-as you lock eyes mid conversation?

And it's great to feel so open to new experiences. Because From Oct 28th positive Jupiter retrogrades into Pisces, for a fresh take on whatever inspiring vibe you were into when Jupiter was in your sign last April. Especially trine bitch Lilith in your talent/creative self expression sector, you are totally enjoying the buzz of fierce authenticity. Not so much people pleasing as following your own bliss, very much on your own terms.

I mean you may be just playing with expansive possibilities, rather than forcing the issue whilst Jupiter retro; the better to unleash fabulous momentum when Jupiter powers forward from late November…

Image: Amber Valletta for Peter Lindbergh, Harper’s Bazaar

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