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So let’s talk about Mars into your 2nd house & Venus into your 3rd as May begins:

Mars joins Destiny Point, Mercury & Chiron, in your 2nd house of personal values & prosperity from May 1st. The confidence to seize your intelligent, higher sense of purpose in ways you can manifest materially-to cultivate whatever wealth nurtures your most healthy sense of security. 

Venus joins Jupiter & Uranus, in your 3rd house of ideas & communication. To embrace the most radically positive notions you’ve been playing with lately. With an intellectually creative attitude, to trust your natural, genius instincts, being such an intuitive visionary and all. 

And keep it as sweet as possible, with all the radically honest conversations going on in your life right now. I mean no offence, but as much as you can be kind of slippery/tend to subtle innuendo at times, because you appreciate the nuance of communication? The imperative to reveal all, with pertinent questions from certain people, about whatever you’re on about, has been positively challenging?

So especially by the New Moon of May 8th, between Venus & Jupiter/Uranus. Trine Lilith in your 8th house of deep, interpersonal entanglements:

A chance to be charming, diplomatic & persuasive about expressing your unique point of view-no matter how controversial. 

And the better to have genuine conversations, that connect you with the people that matter on an intellectual, emotional, spiritual & maybe sexy/romantic level. Networking opportunities as well as meaningful relationships thrive, with this astro. 

Also this New Moon sextile Saturn in Pisces. A new perspective, about your capacity for personal discipline right now. The integrity to stand by your principles, the better to be immaculate with your word, about how you express yourself. And the courage to make real, tangible decisions about your material situation-for right action in the world, based on personal integrity. It’s all beautifully character building, to feel comfortable in your skin, know what I mean? 

Then the Full Moon of May 23rd, in your brilliant career sector. Exactly sextile Pluto, retro in your natural habitat, your spooky soul sector:

Aligning your professional purpose in the world, with the cosmic intelligence that drives you from within-is such a turn on here. Any career decisions are based on instincts, about a sense of meaningful accomplishment-more so than being rational/strategic about it. 

Also this Moon opposite the Sun in your 4th house of home & family. 

Just in time for Venus escorting Jupiter into your 4th house, from May 26th. Lovely vibes for domestic harmony with your tribe/co-habs, and beautifying your space; to create the gorgeous, inspiring sanctuary you want to live & love in. I mean also, if romance is a promising thing right now maybe hot dates on home turf, or the joys of shacked up partnership? 

And so good to have Jupiter in your 4th house for the next 12 months: 

Plenty of time to open up as much unconditional, positive love & support with family dynamics as possible. Honest connection feels so good for healthy, liberating mutual respect & support. Nice one. 


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